Vaygren Games [Final] By CyberUnique

CyberUnique Games released a new game called Vaygren Games and the version is Final. The game’s story is about New game featuring Sophia in a solo futa adventure! Sophia is getting ready to go to a Halloween party with her friends, but will she manage to even get out of the house? It’s said that we should be honest with our feelings, regardless of the situation. Sometimes, however, that’s not the easiest thing in the world to do. After staying late to swim some extra laps, Bridgitte learns exactly what her body wants. Emily has a problem. One day, a long, meaty cock appeared in between her legs. Ashamed of her new member, she became a shut-in and avoided opening up to other people. The fact that she has to beat her meat multiple times a day to stay sane doesn’t help either. She now works at a restaurant and bar, where no one else knows about her little (huge) problem.

It’s been several years now, and Emily has realized that unless she makes a change in her life soon, all she will have to look forward to is constant masturbation and loneliness. Help her overcome her fears and get her to open up to her co-workers. Perhaps in time they will open up (their legs) to her as well.

Emily used to be an outgoing girl until she woke up one day and found she had something extra between her legs. Ashamed of her body, she became withdrawn and antisocial. No one else knows about her secret, but she feels like unless she does something soon, she may become a shut-in chronic masturbator for the rest of her life.

The party girl who never grew up and a waitress at the same restaurant Emily works at. Cindy’s life is a blur of drinks, loud music, and partying. All she wants out of life can be found on a dance floor. Emily and she do not know each other that well, even though Cindy is constantly trying to drag her out to one club or another. She often wonders how Emily turned out the way she was and how anyone could lead such a boring life.

Tall, athletic, and outgoing, Clover doesn’t let anything get in the way of what she wants to do. She works at the same restaurant as Emily and has known her for a few years. She always invites Emily to do things with her, most of which Emily declines. However, the two of them may learn that they’re more like each other than they suspect.

Clover’s older sister. Lilly doesn’t appear to have a job, yet appears to always have money to burn through. She has appeared a few times at the restaurant and found Emily’s shy and withdrawn manner to be endearing. She is a deeply affectionate and caring older sister and spends much time wondering how Clover is doing.

The co-owner and manager of the restaurant. Rachael at a glance seems like a serious, business-oriented woman who does not tolerate any nonsense. However, Emily often gets the impression that she’s just putting on a front and doesn’t show her true personality when she’s at work. Rachael suspects much the same of Emily or thinks that she is hiding something about herself. She intends to get to the truth of the matter one day.

Developer: CyberUnique
File Size: 83.4 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added
  • Sophia Halloween v1.6
  • Added Futa Fix Dick Dine N Dash
  • Final Release

Developer Notes:

Hey guys, Cyber here!
It took forever, but I finally finished making my first visual novel! It’s very short, but it’s more of a proof of concept to see if this is something I would enjoy doing and that my audience would enjoy playing. The ability to have some interactions using the visual novel medium allows me to do a variety of different scenes, and ultimately, it gives you guys more stuff! Win win! If this works out, I’d like to convert the comic into a visual novel. It would be pretty easy to make it work, and since I had a lot of fun working on this game, it’s something I’d like to try. Sit back, have a cold beverage, and take a look at this game. Let me know what you guys think—your feedback is incredibly important to me. I look forward to making more of these.

Game Images & Screenshots

Locker Room

Futa Fix Dick Dine N Dash

Sophia’s Halloween

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