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Tales Of Androgyny Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Hi there! This is a lewd game featuring characters with androgynous features, some male, some female, some…

Developer: The Majalis Duo – Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2DCG, Male protagonist, Fantasy, Animated, Corruption, Futa/trans, Gay, Monster, Monster girl, Rape, RPG, Trap, Combat, Female domination, Mobile game, Turn based combat, Anal sex, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Sex toys, Big ass, Big tits

Description Game

Hi there! These are obscene games that display characters with androgynous features, some men, some women, some … mucus? You play as a feminine man who looks like a girl, and you pour out things with guys, girls, monster guys, girl monsters, and … Slimes?

This is an Attitude-based RPG with the elements of Rogue-Lite and the number of linga that are constantly suspicious (ice? Odes?) Written, withdrawn, and programmed by us, the Majalis team, consisting of two programmers, one artist, one of the authors All, two! This is a game that is built specifically using LIBGDX.



Version – “Horizons” update


  • Added minor Easter Egg to Jester

New content:

  • Added Goblin POV/Facial animation!
  • Added Evoker Missionary art!
  • Added new Story Mode Evoker scene
  • Added Doppelganger Fight music
  • Added Demon King POV/Oral Animation
  • – Bulge variant
  • – Cock out miku-goose variant
  • – Cock head-on variant
  • – Oral variant
  • – Depth of field variants
  • Added Story Jester encounter!
  • – Special combat victory leads to “Jess” event
  • – Missionary scenes
  • – Makeout scene
  • – Topping scene
  • – Defeat leads to Demon King General foursome events and Demon King Whore ending
  • – DKG foursome gokkun gangbang
  • – DKG foursome triple penetration
  • Added Dark Knight music
  • Added Jester Missionary art!
  • Expanded Jester story mode scenes
  • Added new Jester Missionary art variants
  • Added Jester music
  • Expanded some Sperm Bank scenes

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed Gadgeteer Pegging black hair Hiro variant
  • Required Lewd property for certain Gadgeteer choices
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed Jester easter egg
  • Fixed typos

Version – “Kiss” update


  • Added support for non-looping animation lead-ins
  • Added some existing encounters to the editor format
  • Plugs that are removed during encounters will automatically be re-inserted

New content:

  • Added Sperm Bank Nurse animation!
  • Added new Dryad animations
  • – Added Dryad erection animation
  • – Added Dryad apple retrieval animation
  • Added Dark Knight Kiss art
  • Added Urka Buttfucking Hiro during Auto-Fellatio scenario
  • Added Auto Fellatio Anal Cumming animation variant
  • Shortened repeat Beastmistress encounters
  • Expanded some Dark Knight scenes
  • Added Urka the Orc Kiss animation!
  • Added new Catgirl story mode encounter!
  • Expanded certain Catgirl scenes
  • Added Cultist music
  • Added Harpy Spitroast art!
  • – Oral-only variant
  • – Cum variant
  • Expanded Harpy Spitroast scenes
  • Added Doppelganger music

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed goblin eggs flushing too early on repeat eggings
  • Fixed battle ogre animations with empty skins
  • Editor now supports modules
  • Permanent structures are no longer transparent when unscouted
  • Fixed Tavern GB Cage Cum animation to feature cage
  • Fixed weapon labels not having translation strings
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed typos – “Strange” update


  • Added Sperm Bank Nurse to Pervert screen
  • Added Merrybelle the Succubus to Pervert screen
  • Added Milkshaked achievement
  • Added Sperm Bank Nurse Game Over screen

New content:

  • Added Sperm Bank Nurse art!
  • Added Merrybelle the Succubus animation!
  • Added Mermaid Oviposition animations!
  • Added Warlock Portal Cock art!
  • Added new Minotauress story mode encounter
  • – Added new Labyrinth Date encounter scenes
  • – Added new Minotauress battle scenes
  • – Added new anal scenes
  • – Added new oral scenes
  • Added new Merrybelle scene
  • Added Ettin music
  • Expanded Sperm Bank Nurse encounter
  • Updated Sperm Bank Nurse scenes
  • Added new scenes to Sperm Bank Nurse encounter
  • – Added scene after being undiplomatic
  • – Added scene for being addicted to milkshakes
  • Added Goblin Ambush butthole kissing scene
  • Added Fire Elemental Fight music
  • Added Ettin Fight music

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Adjusted relative volumes in Sperm Bank encounter
  • Fixed Milkshaked achievement trigger
  • Fixed Second Wind effect on equipment
  • Reticulated splines
  • Fixed disarmed equipment crash
  • Fixed Generic Pronebone display
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed typos – “Fixation” update


  • Added Goblin Kiss art to battle
  • Added new Mouthwear upgrades
  • – Oral Fixation (Ring Gag)
  • – Flavor (Non-Ring Gag)
  • – Portal (Ring Gag)
  • Added Oral Fixation checks (related to Mouth Maniac and Oral Fixation item upgrade)
  • Added Oral Portal mechanic

New content:

  • Added Demon King Kiss art!
  • Added Demon King Kissing scenes
  • Expanded some existing Demon King scenes
  • Updated Gadgeteer Pegging animation
  • Added Centaur Oral animation!
  • – Now has Unicorn variant
  • – Has cage variants
  • Added Ogre animation!
  • Updated Ogre art
  • Updated Ogre portrait
  • Added new scene related to portal Mouthwear upgrade
  • Added new Story mode Trudy encounter
  • Added Ogress post-anal animation!
  • Added Ogre anal animation!
  • Animated Ogre post-anal animation!
  • Added Goblin Babymama ending!
  • Added Fire Elemental music

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a Demon King non-ending
  • Fixed Goblin crash when hitting Shift for alternates
  • Fixed Ogre hotswap when Futa+ option is changed
  • Simplified encounter script mutations
  • Minor text edits
  • Fixed typos

New feature:

  • Added Goblin Kiss art to battle

New content:

  • Added Demon King Kiss art!
  • Added Demon King Kissing scenes
  • Expanded some existing Demon King scenes
  • Updated Gadgeteer Pegging animation

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a Demon King non-ending
  • Fixed Goblin crash when hitting Shift for alternates
  • Fixed typos


  • Added new Plug upgrades!
  • – Snug
  • – Vibrating
  • – Studded
  • – Control
  • – Heated
  • – Chilled
  • Pervert Screen now displays Hiro’s current customization on Hiro entries
  • Added Profile Import/Export for Android
  • Added support for Spine binary files to reduce load times (binary files added next weekly)

New content:

  • Added Hiro Feminization (Warlock) art!
  • Added Generic Pronebone animation!
  • – Included in a bunch of scenes
  • – Added a close-up variant as well
  • Added new Tavern Gangbang animations!
  • – Includes caged and cum variants
  • – Also includes a close-up pan
  • Added Generic Autofellatio animation!
  • – Simultaneously assfucked variant
  • – Added to Autofellatio stance in battle
  • Added new story mode bandit camp infiltration encounter
  • Added new Urka Companion ass-eating scenes
  • Added new Tentacle Witch virgin thick tentacle scene
  • Added new Wasp Nuptial cowgirl impure scene
  • Added background to Hiro Pre-Anal art
  • Added new Plug variant mini-scenes
  • – Added Snug related scenes
  • – Added Vibrating related scenes
  • – Added Heated related scenes
  • – Added Chilled related scenes
  • – Added Trudy scenes
  • – Added Slime scenes
  • – Added Brigand scenes
  • – Added Goblin scenes
  • Updated Foreboding Encounter music
  • Updated Urka Fight music

Tweaks and bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash when a language is elected with no associated language pack installed
  • Fixed a translation key
  • Fixed a delay on standing anal animation
  • Fixed an issue with mana regen
  • Fixed Tentacle Witch scene repeat
  • Fixed encounters JSON formatting
  • Adjusted some story mode checks
  • Reduced Scouting score necessary to bypass Mimic to 4 from 5
  • Fixed some behaviors when changing resolution
  • Removed unused assets to reduce file size
  • Minor text edits

How To Install Game Tales Of Androgyny Crack

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “TalesOfAndrogyny.exe” to start playing.

Tales Of Androgyny Free Download


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