Monster Girl Dreams [v24.1a Alpha]

Monster Girl Dreams [Alpha v24.a]

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Download Monster Girl Dreams Mod Apk + Free PC Windows, Mac, Android

Monster Girl Dreams Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – In Monster Girl Dreams you play as a male adventurer, freshly graduated from the adventuring school, Adventum!

Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, Text Based, Male Protagonist, RPG, Monster Girls, Femdom, Turn Based Combat, Rape

Description Game

Monster Girl Dreams is a text-based BFRPG made in Ren’Py. (BF means battle making love.)
This game is currently in alpha and is in active development, and while mainly text-based there is character art for many beautiful women in games.
Erotic content contained with especially vanilla, M / F, femdom, and of course monster girls.

In the monster girl dream you play as a male adventurer, just graduated from adventure school, Adventum!
Now you have to dare to cross the continent of the home of the Girls Monsters, Lucidia, in an effort to become rich, or make love to submission. Also defend the Queen of Satan. Maybe.



v24.1a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.

Also be sure to always install the game into a fresh folder unless it’s patch data to avoid weird issues. Saves are kept in a separate location so they’re safe.


  • Beris’ combat events have been edited by Valentin Cognito. Which I now actually put into the game unlike last time where I didn’t add it in like a foolish fool.


  • Fixed a crash in Iabel’s purple heart event cause I missed a part of an event call.
  • Fixed Iabel’s combat events from breaking her intro due to a “IfChoice” being there when it should have been a set choice.

#V24.a Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.


  • Added an extra hint to floor three at the halfway point.


  • The games Renpy version has been updated, which should fix a number of visual bugs. Or maybe broke more things.
  • Fixed a display issue with moving around the gridmap and spaces happening constantly.
  • Fixed a player orgasm line being borked in Ushris’ green tile trap.
  • Fixed one of Beris’ combat events using Tech Instead of Int for its check when it says int.
  • Fixed Iabel’s Golden Heart tile being able to leave you with 0 spirit.
  • Fixed an issue where talking to Beris would cause her floor to be registered as not beaten, making floor 3 unavailable even if you had beaten it. (You need to beat Beris’ floor again if you already have encountered this issue.)
  • Fixed some event breaks with Iabel’s Conquering Advance.
  • Fixed floor 3 not telling you when you got all the keys.
  • Fixed stance and status effect displays for large enemy groups.
  • Fixed an issue where end of combat event calls relating to pin could cause a very subtle, but major event break. Leading to weird church scenes and non-existent fights. For this fix to work, you need to leave the labyrinth if you’re in it.

#V24 Change Log
Remember to load your save from the town square.


  • The Labyrinth location is now here! Finally! Bringing 3 new characters (Beris’ sisters) with content related to the new Labyrinth location.
  • One of Ushris’ extra trap scenes was written by Valentin Cognito.
  • Added a Kunoichi Trainee scene to the brothel written by Oluap. Requires clearing the Will-Power Temple.
  • Added a Glory Hole scene for Mara written by Oluap. Requires you to have fully progressed her relationship to trigger.


  • Carrying Fuck: Decreased the recoil on Carrying Fuck from 50% to 40%. Decreased energy cost from 25 to 20. Decreased base damage from 80 to 75. Carrying fuck now has a chance to apply a debuff to the opponent’s willpower stat.
  • The Circlet of Seduction, Lovers’ Rune, and Heart Rune are now available after beating the Allure dungeon, rather than reaching the temple check point.
  • Cloak of Shadows is now valued at 5k Eros, up from 2500.
  • Lion’s Amulet now increases your power by 15, up from 10, and now also gives 50 energy.
  • Blessed Cock Ring now increases the arousal dealt to your dick by 100%, up from 75%.
  • Added 9 new accessories and 2 new runes that are available once you have cleared the caverns.


  • The world map now has new art! By Jiffic.
  • Aiko has a new cg for when she pulls you into her kimono. By ADOPOLICH.
  • Aiko has VFX applied to many of her scenes. By Epickark.
  • Vili now has a titfuck cg. By Otani.
  • Vili’s titfuck cg and related vfx have been applied to the game. By Epickark. Keep in mind that it doesn’t apply to any of her ‘harem’ type scenes.
  • Mika now has a butt CG by Applehead.
  • Mika’s new cg is applied to her scenes. By Epickark.
  • Blue Slime now has a sex CG by Nick Beja.
  • Blue Slime’s new cg is applied to her scenes. By Epickark.
  • Imps now have new art by Otani.
  • New imp art implemented by Valentin Cognito.


  • Perks given by items are no longer visible in your perk list to declutter the perk list, as this info is in the item itself. If you notice any information missing due to this change, please let me know.
  • Restructured a portion of Elly’s Healing Circle Amplification scene to allow for more proper player consent, and more importantly, make Elly not come off as an incompetent weirdo for the sake of humor.

Modding and Systems

  • The S key no longer takes screen shots in order to allow for wasd support in gridmaps. (Alt S should still take screenshots though.)
  • Lots of functionality and stuffs for the new gridmap function. (Check the modding docs, there’s too much junk to record and explain here.)
  • Three types of movement for grid mode: arrow keys and enter, clicking on the map directly, and a keypad on the side.
  • Added IfRanAway jump function for post fights. Kind of thought I already had something for this tbh.
  • Added LevelUpMonster function, which either uses a number, MatchPlayer, GoUpByProgress or GoUpByProgressFromOtherEvent.
  • Reorganized a number of file folders so they’re easier to go through when checking stuff.
  • Added MajorHazeToBlackOut VFX option.
  • Added OpponentRunChance perk type to alter the player’s run chance via an enemy.
  • The perk tag: ‘NonPen SeductionBoost’ is now properly ‘NonPenSeductionBoost’. Please update your modded perks if you used this.
  • NonPenSeductionBoost is now listed in the list of perk types for modders.
  • Added ChangeMonsterEnergy function.
  • Added IfMonsterEnergyGone function.
  • Added IfPlayerHasStatusEffectWithPotencyEqualOrGreater as an option to StatCheck as a difficulty mod.
  • Added RemovablePersistantEffect to perk types.


  • Continuing to nap with the imps will make time continue to move forward instead of leaving it the same.
  • Added music calls to Belle’s milking scenes.
  • Fixed a minor display issue when defeating 2 kunoichi trainees.
  • Fixed some issues with how characters’ Y position is determined in groups. Let me know if anyone ended up in the ceiling again.
  • Skills that require a status effect will now fail if they are selected to be used, then the enemy removes the status effect before your turn comes around somehow (such as a restraint).
  • Mika’s scene where you beat her in sex stance now properly clears your arousal with an orgasm with no spirit loss.
  • Made a minor line change for when you run into Himika at the bar after you’ve met her and haven’t done the bar scene yet.
  • If you interrupt the Ghosts’ team attacks somehow, their AI no longer breaks.
  • Did a band-aid fix for now on mod-created fetishes so they show up in the player’s list, and also won’t crash the game. Will later allow for proper full descriptions based on progress. (Addictions are still fine though.)
  • Fixed being able to use demon layer or holy headpat on Sofia in phase 3 pt 2 of her fights while restrained.
  • The Kunoichi Trainee Dream now requires you to have the will-power temple beaten (as well as a foot fetish), rather than play whenever.
  • Amy’s angry fight progress now properly resets if you fight her again.
  • Fixed rare instances where Shizu could get her counter move in her temple fight and totally break the fight.
  • Fixed the Wandering Oni event having the ability to have the sister it has you fight at full power.
  • Assorted typo and editing fixes.

How To Install Game Monster Girl Dreams

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Monster Girl Dreams Free Download



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