Elewder [v0.1.1.1]

Elewder [v0.1.1.1]

Two powers have ruled the underway for millennia – the tempestuous and lustful army of the Succubi ruling over mankind with a careful touch, and the powerful, yet impulsive Warlocks who oppose their every move. An explosive confrontation between the two leaders, leaves the Warlock army defeated. The warlock leader is slain, and his soul captured, to forever rot in a prison of lustful torment.

Several lifetimes later, a faithful familiar to the Warlock ruler appears and sets him free, a weakened warlock is one that is easily defeated, but this chance will not be lost. Rise to power once more, and enact your revenge.​

Developer: Kinky Fridays Club PatreonSteam
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3d game, animated, monsters, monster girl, big ass, big tits, top down adventure, shooter, fantasy, vaginal sex, oral, male protagonist, rogue like

Extract and run


  • New Lust system: Build up that lust from exploring and fighting minions, use the lust to power your special attacks and engage in our new Finisher system and minigame!
  • Finisher animation overhaul: New animation system that is both timed and click dependent, clap as fast or as slow as you want!
  • New finisher sex minigame: Booty loot is a powerful tool in Elewder, depending on your “performance” in the first iteration of our new minigame you will get more loot.
  • Overhaul how all items work: Now you can collect multiple of the same item. To put it in gameplay terms, the original was like Binding of Isaac, the new system is more towards Risk of Rain 2.
  • New enemies balance: The game is a lot harder, and we are making the early preparation for the new minion designs to be implemented into the next patch.
  • New economy: Memory fragments, Essence, Gold, Shops, all of these have been worked into the system to build a much more stable and rewarding economy of items and growth.
  • Overhaul player characters: The Warlock and the Knight are now very unique compared to each other, the Warlock is about dodging and weaving, the Knight has about tackling enemies front on. Both have unique attacks, unique specials, and unique defensive skills.
  • Small fixes on the maps, no more wall and underground traps: We have done a sweep of terrible placed traps and removed just about every single one. If you find any we have missed, please let us know and we will get them removed.
  • Game difficulty modification: Turns out our community is way better at Elewder than we anticipated, now the game is far more difficult but far more rewarding to play.
  • A new system for unlocking new items: The Memory Master and the Memory Fragment system has been implemented, find the fragment in the game, unlock the items with essence, those items appear in-game and help you achieve better runs!
  • New SFX: New sounds for several interactions in our systems.
  • New Sex Gallery: The player area now has a room dedicated to a pump and dump. As we add new animations expect them to be made available for your enjoyment!
  • Book of Choice: Now you can find the book of choice within the runs of Elewder, these books will grant the user a choice between several items and possibly currency.
  • Lighting system overhaul: You’ve spoken up about the lighting system, and the fog, so we have made changes to the look and feel of Elewder.
  • Biographies and Dialogue: We have added several new dialogue interactions with the NPC’s in the player area at the start of the game, along with building out the biographies of our two playable characters, the Warlock and the Knight.

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