Dimitrescus Lewd Castle [Ch.1-4.56]

Dimitrescus Lewd Castle [Ch.1-4.56]

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Dimitrescus Lewd Castle Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – Rejoice the story about many brave men attempting to take down one the most dangerous vampire ladies.

Developer: ZaneSFM Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Chapters 1 – 4.56
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, Male protagonist, Animated, Horror, Monster girl, Female domination, Fantasy, Romance, Sci-fi, Superpowers, Tit-fuck, Paranormal, Adventure, Ahegao, Big ass, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Handjob, Creampie, Dystopian setting, Parody

Description Game

Rejoice the story about many brave men attempting to take down one the most dangerous vampire ladies inside their village. Will they be able to fulfill their mission? or will they end up being enslaved like all previous visitors who have attempted to take down the merciless creature?



Chapter 4.56

– Added full movie (lost tape) to chapter 2 (titled ”Fallen”) w/ included animation !

– fixed white overlay for wall picture that was previously added to chapter 2

– Added Teaser / wall photo inside the chamber to in chapter 2

– (Updated Save file) Lost tapes no longer reset after you jump between chapters, they will always be recorded at the TV after you find them just once

– fixed ‘coming soon’ buttons on screen that would stay on screen after pressing the ‘exit-TV’ button

– Added multiple sound effects to some scenes inside chapter 2, they would previously have 1 sound playing for the duration of the entire scene

– Changed main_menu thumbnail

– Dialogue corrections for over 300 lines inside chapter 2

Chapter 4.55

– Added new lost tape / full-movie to chapter 2
– Added new interactable wall frame picture to chapter 2
– Added new message to tapes screens to let the player know if a scene is available or not
– Dialogue corrections for 700 lines all through chapter 2
– Fixed bug that would send the player back to chapter 1 when traveling to chapter 4

Chapter 4.52
– Added lost tape to chapter 1 (Only 2 tapes available for now even though it shows 3 slots)
– Added BJ animation with Alcina to chapter 1
– Improved ‘fly swatter’ ending animation in chapter 1 with better jiggle physics + better loop
– Improved spyglass animation ending in chapter 2 with better jiggle physics + loop + camera effect
– Covered the eyes of the males with black bars for some of the renders in chapter 1

Chapter 4.5
– Added new feature to chapter 1 (‘Lost Tapes’)
– Added lost tape to chapter 1 (only 1 tape available for now even though it shows 3 slots)
– Added new sexy school girl outfit to Lady Dimitrescu (lost tape)
– Added new character: zombie nurse to chapter 1
– Added multiple choice H-scene w/ zombie nurse
– Added hidden scene w/ Mother Miranda to chapter 1
– Removed fading effects for chapter 1 (should increase gameplay speed)
– Text corrections for over 500 lines in chapter 1
– Changed main_menu picture to an exclusive image
– Added new interact-able picture to chapter 1
– Fixed bug that would glitch the buttons on the screen when trying to jump chapters whilst having ‘fast travel’ open
– Fixed bug that would not allow the player to milk the cow after replaying chapter 4 for a second time

Chapter 4.4

– Added chapter select system that allows you to jump between chapters (Notice: this feature is still in early stage and might not work properly if you load the game from your current saving point)
(I recommend starting the game from the beginning for everything to work correctly)

– Added new hidden location to chapter 2
– Added new fuckable zombie specimen to chapter 2
– Added new H-scene w/ zombie creature

Chapter 4.3

– Added new character to chapter 1 (found inside basement)
– Added H-scene w/ new character
– Added walking animation to Alcina Dimitrescu at start of chapter 2 (with jiggle effects!)
– Added Animation to intro scene showcasing the factory + some other cool sound effects added
– Fixed Dimitrescu’s screen position in chapter 2 (she should be in the center now)
– Changed POV for some of chapter’s 1 H-animations
– Improved intro scene w/ better dialogue lines
– Dialogue corrections for over 120 lines in chapter 1

Chapter 4.2

– Added new character: cave giant
– Added over 22+ H-scenes w/ newest character ‘Cave giant’
– small bug fixes such as menu options jumping to the front of the text

Chapter 4.1

– fixed main menu title version (4.1)
– Fixed glitch: fast travel wouldn’t show after being chased by Daniela
– dialogue corrections (over 200 lines for chapter 4)
– Fixed bug that would send you back to chapter 2 after picking up hairbrush in chapter 4
– Other small bug fixes such as items not picking up properly off the ground

Chapter 4

– Added 10 + new pickable items across the whole map
– Added new character: Excella Gionne
– Added H-scene w/ Excella Gionne
– Added 2 new animations w/ Lady Dimitrescu
– 2 new outfits for Lady Dimitrescu
– Added 3 new endings + a bonus hidden ending
– Added 2 unique endings with Lady Dimitrescu
– Added new character: The Butcher
– Added H-scene w/ the butcher
– Introduced character: Cassandra
– Added H-scene w/ Cassandra
– Added Chasing scene w/ Daniela
– Added 2 bonus H-scenes with Daniela
– Added over 8 bonus scenes w/ monster girl (different path options for each)
– fixed black overlay screen because it was showing some kind of weird greenish pattern
– reduced extreme brightness for ‘lower level’ area
– Moved menu choices a bit lower on the screen
– removed fading effects when entering the following areas: ‘entrace’, ‘main hall’, ‘courtyard’ – this will greatly speed up gameplay
– map expansion (over 12 rooms added)
– changed image for content pack (in game overlay)
– fast travel map expansion (2 more locations added)
– added new sound effect when picking up objects
– reduced brightness inside slaughterhouse
– reduced brightness inside prison
– Fixed position for Dimitrescu during chapter 2
– dialogue corrections through all chapters (over 2000 lines)

How To Install Game Dimitrescus Lewd Castle

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Dimitrescus Lewd Castle Free Download

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