Desert Stalker [v0.12a]

Desert Stalker [v0.12a]

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Desert Stalker Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You will play the role of a Desert Stalker; a free warrior and adventurer who scours the violent remnants of..

Developer: ZetanDS Patreon
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3DCG, point & click, male protagonist, female protagonist, RPG, adventure, postapocalyptic, male domination, female domination, incest, graphic violence, humiliation, gore, exhibitionism, harem, slavery, horror, BDSM, sadism, masochism, urination, big tits, small tits, sharing, group sex

Description Game

The game takes place in Post-apocalyptic Egypt. You will play the role of desert stalkers; A free soldier and adventurer who explored the remnants of violence from civilization spread through the dunes and destroyed the city. A family man in the heart, you will explore the world around you, find treasure, fight enemies, friends, establish alliances and have fun along the way, all to provide people you love who are obediently waiting for you at home.



New Content:
– Added scenes:
– Continuation of Fairy’s questline
– Continuation of Rabiah/Nadia’s questline.
– Harem scene (Zahra solo)
– Harem scene (Emilia solo)
– Ain/Emilia in Ain’s room
– Ain in the hallway

– Added 1 small event:
– Repeatable Hive Queen visit

Reworks and Revisions:
– d1e (Zahra’s introduction)

Minor changes / Bugfixes:
– Kyra’s basement content should now not block other basement content
– Fixed a long-standing bug where you couldn’t get Fairy from K&K if Ivy was dead
– Turned Ivy back to Igor in the Kateryna visit scene
– Replaced Ivy’s music theme in previous scenes
– Various text corrections and typos

New Content:
– Added 5 scenes.
– Ivy’s hideout
– Kateryna’s house
– Continuation of Shani’s quest in the Zone.
– Raiders/Kitty
– Zahra on the terrace
– Small Hive Queen revisit scene [WIP]

Reworks and Revisions:
– d1e (Zahra’s intro)[WIP]

– Updated engine to RenPy 7.5.3

New Content:

– Added 3 story scenes.
– Continuation of the Hive quest
– Raider quest
– Shani’s entry in the Zone.

– Added 2 events:
– Sleeping with Ain
– One kitchen dialogue

Reworks and Revisions:
– d4e (Emilia’s room intro)
– Ain room visit

– [Bug] Fixed a path in Omar’s dialogue that did not progress the quest
– [Bug] Fixed a missing audio file in Day 8
– [Bug] Fixed a missing image in Nadia’s room scene
– Various text errors and typos
– Replaced some audio files and removed unused ones

Technical changes:
– Converted all images to webp, significantly reducing package size
– Added a “Hide UI” button in Quick menu for android
– Changed flash to be gray instead of white (thanks for pointing it out)

New Content:
– Added 1 story scene
– Added 9 events:
– One Ain event
– One kitchen event
– One event at the market
– Expanded Fairy’s content (repeatable)
– Added Rabiah’s home in the world map with 4 events
– Added a Harem scene (Emilia / Zahra)
Reworks and Revisions:
– d2b (Palace visit)
– d2c (first Queen visit)
– Reworked d2d (Leaving the Palace)
– Reworked d4g (Second Queen visit)
Minor changes / Fixes:
– Added a new library entry
– [Bug] Fixed Shani appearing in events after she leaves for the Zone
– [Bug] Changed “Sleep with Zahra” tooltip to use the name variable instead
– [Bug] Fixed various instances of custom names being ignored
– [Bug] Fixed d2f-23 being cut off (Ain kitchen scene) at last
Technical changes:
– Added an in-game changelog
– Changed the in-game menu
– Changed the dialogue font (can be toggled in Options)
– Changed the main font
– Changed the dialogue box and notifications background
– Reworked the credits sections

0.08a Changelog:

New Content:
– Added 1 new story scene.
– Added 1 new side mission.
– Added 2 new small events.
– You can now sleep with your lovely wife instead of alone if you choose to do so.

Reworks and Revisions:
– Reworked d1a (initial Raiders scene) from the ground up.

Minor changes:
– Slightly changed “Sightseeing with Kateryna” mission’s introduction to flow better.
– Fixed Asani being brought back from the dead under certain conditions.

Technical changes:
– Added the ability to select and view past main menu animations
– Overhauled the structure of audio/image folders (unfortunately this means no partial update)
– Added basic Android gestures (experimental)

0.06b Changelog:
– Added an in-game menu to change names/relationships
– Relationships are now permanent and should carry over to the gallery
– Fixed Fairy not being unlocked in Gallery if you got her from the trader
– Fixed a missing flag in Fairy’s basement event
– Fixed Ain’s first meet Gallery scene
– Fixed excess notifications for repeated Fairy’s event
– Fixed the credits, no more error log
– Various typos and text corrections


  • 8 new scenes (750+ images)
  • Refresh some scenes with several renders
  • Process the home menu from 1-5 days
  • Add a search log
  • Add markers for important events

V0.04 public
Repair damage


  • 8 new scenes
  • Now you can now visit Ain, Shani and Zahra in their room. * 1.
  • Add a teaser for car inspection
  • Some text corrections (thanks to Cynicadm and Dsnow!)
  • 1: Room activities will be expanded for upcoming updates

V0.03 public

  • Enhanced text editing in most scenes
  • Small bug fixes
  • Reset images from Shani Introduction
  • Ain character models that are slightly adjusted in various scenes
  • Some additional panels at the end of Emilia’s introduction
  • Reducing Bomb Tsar Main Character Becomes Fatman in the massage scene
  • Remove the necessity to click on the panel in a repeat NSFW moment

How To Install Game Desert Stalker

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

Desert Stalker Free Download


Walkthrough: DIRECT LINK
Walkthrough + Gallery ModMEGA


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