A Very Full House [v0.8.0]

A Very Full House [v0.8.0]

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A Very Full House Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – It’s a game about love, seduction, and corruption, all centered around a MILF-y main character.

Developer: MetaMira Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.8.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac,
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 2dcg, Animated, Female protagonist, Big ass, Big tits, Voyeurism, Corruption, Incest, Milf, Sandbox, Teasing, Masturbation

Description Game

A Very Full House! It’s a game about love, seduction, and corruption, all centered around a MILF-y main character.
Do your best to take control of your household and keep everything under control, by any means necessary!​




  • – Fixed crash with Slacker shower walk-in event.
  • – Added Firebrand art.
  • – It’s cute. Go look at it.
  • – She’s got a butt. Like a badonk. Not just a cake; it’s a whole bakery.
  • – And it’s got jiggle physics.
  • – Updated expressions for Firebrand’s model.
  • – Added wet skin textures for MCILF.
  • – Added cutdown underwear set.
  • – Added water skin effects to existing shower and pool scenes.
  • – Added all main NPCs to the main menu screen.
  • – Updated main menu title art.
  • – Idle animations now have a random start seed (so characters with similar idle animations won’t sync up)
  • – MCILF now has her boob bounce animations properly referenced.
  • – Updated menu background art.
  • – ClickablePerson instances (like those used for interactable NPCs) can now be handed fixed parameters (to force outfit sets, expressions, etc.)
  • – Removed unused “supports_focus_mask” flag now that I have focus masks figured out for all displayables.
  • – Lightened wall colour of Firebrand’s bedroom.
  • – Firebrand can now be instructed to do laundry for you. Unlocks cutdown underwear.
  • – Updated existing outfits to use cutdown underwear when it’s unlocked (More detailed underwear system will be coming soon).
  • – Added basic Firebrand walk-in events. Triggers at most once every 3 days.
  • – Added new animated phone background. Unlocked via Firebrand’s computer.


  • – Fixed unintended loop when shortening Cheerleader’s skirt.
  • – Fixed crash when triggering Cheerleader’s clothing fix quest by talking to her.
  • – ChoreList now supports lists of tags for .has_tag and .use_tag. Convenient for writing triggers for some events.
  • – Person interact now correctly places the MCILF at the start of the person list (was causing issues previously)
  • – Character display now properly handles not having the MCILF being displayed at all.
  • – Fixed Slacker retreating off of the screen when he was embarrassed (and probably other related bugs).
  • – Fixed socks not actually being hidden when they were removed.
  • – Fixed MCILF not entering screen properly when interacting with an object.
  • – Fixed MCILF taking off bra twice in one event (instead of the much more interesting and logical shirt THEN bra).


  • – Fixed crash for Slacker in bathroom.
  • – Fixed logic error when applying a new outfit to a character.
  • – Added support for different sock sets (separate from shoes) in character models.
  • – Updated existing models to properly separate socks from shoes.
  • – Added thigh_pinch parameter for outfits. On appropriate models (Cheerleader only, atm), pinches thighs in where the socks make contact.
  • – Added art for The Cheerleader.
  • – Is it okay if I put “Added art for the Cheerleader” twice to make the changelog look bigger? It was a lot of work!
  • – Screw it! I write the changelogs, I’ll write what I want!
  • – Added unique idle animation for The Cheerleader.
  • – Added unique boob bounces for The Cheerleader.
  • – Added optional bounce animation parameters for Person class. If present will replace the default MCILF bounce animation for that character.
  • – Tidied up some unused parameters from Person definition.
  • – Characters now properly bounce in AND out of focus when talking. Jiggly!
  • – Middle mouse button now brings up Ren’py menu for fully one handed operation.
  • – Added Cheerleader expressions.
  • – Added cutdown variants for the Cheerleader’s top and skirt.
  • – Updated Cheerleader’s top repair event to allow you to cut down her top.
  • – Swapped character display calls from Ren’py to their Python equivalents.
  • – Added support for displaying multiple NPCs at once. Can be done by calling the npc_display label once for each NPC: #ItJustWorks.
  • – Added “group_interact” label for easily starting a conversation with multiple NPCs at once.
  • – Tidied up how talk focus and unfocus is handed out by character call events, particularly at the start of interactions.
  • – Added WIP placeholder art for new secondary character, codename: “Busty”.
  • – Added placeholder clothing effects for Busty.
  • – Added “outfit_tag_requirement” keyword for menu options. Only selectable if you are wearing an appropriately tagged outfit.
  • – Added “npc_outfit_tag_requirement” keyword for menu options. Only selectable if the NPC is wearing an appropriatley tagged outfit.
  • – “use_tag” now works properly for daily tags (ie. clears the tag after use). Useful for cleanly enabling/disabling some events.
  • – Tidied up some logic in how ChoreList handles/checks tags internally.
  • – Added support for timed tags in ChoreList class. Useful for cleanly enabling/disabling some events.
  • – Cheerleader “torn clothing” event now happens any time you chat with her or clean her room, at most every 4 days, while any of her clothing can be modified.
  • – Added placeholder at for the Principle; now shown when appropriate.
  • – Added event between Busty and Student. Triggers on Fridays.
  • – Added event with Busty.
  • – Added new workplace event. Triggers on Wednesdays (will later be something you can schedule yourself).
  • – Added a bunch of paths to said new event.
  • – Simplified the list of character transforms that are being used to display characters. Probably fixed a bunch of character display bugs at the same time.
  • – Fixed characters not being properly hidden when off screen, resulting in growing GPU memory usage (particularly with newer, more detailed character models).

How To Install Game A Very Full House

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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