StarTrainer [v0.8.0] By StarTrainer18

StarTrainer18 Games released a new game called StarTrainer and the version is 0.8.0. The game’s story is about StarTrainer Parody​

Developer: StarTrainer18
File Size: 123.2 MB
Version: 0.8.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

New scenes:

  • One time hidden sex scene with with either just Marco getting an under the table footjob from Hekapoo or Marco getting an under the table footjob while futa Angie gets a hidden blowjob, also from Hekapoo. Star is also present and unaware of these sex acts, that what makes it “hidden.”
    Repeatable scene where Hekapoo gives a blowjob to futa Angie and footjob to Marco.
    Star Rope bondage scene with anal and vaginal
    Eclipsa dildo riding scene
  • Other changes:
    Music has been added
    Eclipsa and Moon have been added as characters you can talk to
    The player can now travel back and forth from Earth and Mewnie, Mewnie has three locations and new backgrounds
    Main menu background has been updated to include all girls currently in the game, as have all website and social media banners.
    The 0.9 poll on fansly has closed and the poll for 0.10 is now open.

Developer Notes:

This game is a fan based parody. Please support the official release. StarTrainer18 does not own any of these characters. All events take place in a non-cannon alternate universe where everyone is 18 or older and all characters are adopted.

Game Images & Screenshots


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