Debasing Grounds [v0.37] By Rax Lorax

Rax Lorax Games released a new game called Debasing Grounds and the version is 0.37. The game’s story is about The world has been transformed into a wasteland, with only a few scattered settlements remaining as a testament to the resilience of humanity. You find yourself awakening in a town fortified by a practical wall of mud and metal bars.

Developer: Rax Lorax
File Size: 1.6 MB
Version: 0.37
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 12 new NPCs
    Added the Thulle Deviants faction tree to the Factions Information page
    Five new locations in the central slums
    New chat options for Thulle Deviants members
    It’s now possible to ask NPCs from other factions about the Thulle Deviants
    New initial quest to join the Thulle Deviants (given by Elektra)
    Elektra’s gender can be set at the start of the game (female default). He becomes Elekrys as a male
    New job when the player joins the Thulle Deviants (guard duty)
    Random events while on guard duty, some of which can earn players silver
    Player’s reactions to the events will affect the player’s faction standing with the Thulle Deviants, the Ronda Gang, and Elekra’s Trust.
    Seven new scenes: PC Gangbang, NPC Gangbang (Elekra), PC Bukkake, NPC Bukkake (Elekra), NPC Belly Punch (Elekra), PC Gives Oral (Elekra), PC Receives Oral (Elekra)
    Joining the Thulle Deviants gives access to their dungeon (Tier 2)
    Joining the Thulle Deviants disables their street encounter (the group will just nod and walk by)
    Capturing Elekra temporarily disables the guard duty gameplay as other team takes it over
    Enhanced Dungeons:
    Some dungeons can be upgraded to level 2 (basic dungeon), allowing for one additional prisoner and one additional piece of equipment. This requires the dungeon to have a dedicated room (not the same as the player’s bedroom)
    Tier 2 dungeons can be upgraded to Tier 3 (Expanded Dungeon), which allows for one additional prisoner and one additional piece of equipment
    New two-bedroom apartment available for rent (East Passage 2 – Apartment 5)
    New sequence for hook-ups to allow them to be taken into dungeons
    Hook-ups will react differently to being taken to a dungeon
    Players can persuade, coerce, or force NPCs to stay in their dungeon.
    New restraint device: Test Subject Restraints
    The Isara Blue Lab is now a tier 3 dungeon controlled by Isara Inc
    New Location: Thulle Deviants Dungeon – Tier 2 dungeon controlled by Thulle Deviants
    Prisoners will be released when players lose access to a faction-controlled dungeon
  • Alternative starts:
    New start selection step during game creation
    Previous default start renamed to Standard start (start as a stranger in an unfamiliar city)
    New Desperate start: players start naked, bound, and blindfolded
    New Sandbox start: players start with an e-coin wallet and a substantial amount of silver and e-coin
    New Captive Police start: players start captured in a police cell (same as existing soft bad end)
    New captive beast start: players start as a captive in the food processing center (same as existing soft bad end)
  • Other stuff:
    Added a “check graffiti” option on the north street wall
    Players can draw graffiti on the north wall. There is a chance of being spotted (stealth check).
    Ask about jobs”, “Ask about a place to stay” no longer locked under “Ask about the city”
    t’s now possible to ask NPCs about the Ronda gang
    – New items: Paint spray can – sold at the hardware and trinket shops, Metal bar – found at the construction site
    It’s now possible to steal construction materials from the North Street construction site
    Joining Isara Inc. allows players to use the Blue Lab as a dungeon (Tier 3)
    NPC details can be accessed after just having sex with them
    Non-selectable NPC sex options are no longer displayed in the NPC selection menu
    Enara can now be selected as Male or Cunt-boy in the NPC selection menu (no name change)
  • Bug fixes:
    Fixed some bugs in keeping track of gender stats in multi-NPC scenesFixed a bug that prevented some notifications and recent text from being displayed in blue
    Fixed a bug that caused the wrong version of the name to be displayed for NPCs with gender-specific names
    Fixed a looting bug that was concatenating silver as a string instead of adding its value
    Fixed bug that prevented players from drinking “Soda” and “Unknown Soda”
    Fixed bug that prevented players from cutting short the Equinockt anal training scene
    Fixed bug that prevented characters from asking for Synapse Corp
    Fixed a bug where some Ronda members would never answer when asked about the other factions
    Fixed a bug that caused the wrong NPC name to appear in the NPC card data
    Fixed a typo in Thulle’s examination that was causing the player to be referred to as She, regardless of gender

Developer Notes:

Future development

The development of Debasing Grounds is on-going, with several updates and features planned. Here’s an outline of the areas that will continue to be developed in future updates:

  • New quests and storylines: Expanding the narrative with additional plotlines and side quests, providing players with more content and opportunities for exploration.
  • Character development system: Introducing a more comprehensive skill tree, abilities, and character customization options to allow for deeper role-playing and strategy.
  • Expanded faction system: Introducing new factions and deepening the relationships between existing factions, with dynamic interactions, reputations, and consequences based on player choices.
  • Crafting and trading system: Implementing a crafting system for players to create and customize items, along with a trading system to buy, sell, and barter with NPCs.
  • Dynamic world events: Integrating random events and encounters that occur throughout the game world, adding an element of unpredictability and excitement.
  • Enhanced AI and dialogue: Improving the artificial intelligence of NPCs and offering more complex, branching dialogue options for deeper interaction and immersion.
  • New locations and environments: Adding new areas to explore, each with its unique challenges, resources, and inhabitants.
  • Multiplayer features: Exploring the possibility of adding cooperative or competitive multiplayer elements to the game, allowing players to interact with each other in the game world.

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