Siren’s Harp [Final] By ScaleGarden

ScaleGarden Games released a new game called Siren’s Harp and the version is Final. The game’s story is about Rain, our heroine, is on a journey by herself. While on board a ship, he gets involved in an incident. She falls overboard into the dark, cold water. Somehow she makes it to a nearby island… What fate awaits her there?​

Developer: ScaleGarden
File Size: 89.9 MB
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game detail

Developer Notes:

  • Translation made by HappyGoomba from (first 60% of the game) and the rest I translated.
    It took a lot longer than it should but I’m glad the last game from Scale Garden was translated. Ironically, his first game was the last to be translated. Compared to a lot of newer games that are coming out, this one seems to be lacking in every department, but it was pretty good for the time it came out. Still, I hope you enjoy playing it. The quality of translation varies a lot since it took almost ten years to translate it.
    To play this you “need” Japanese locale. The easiest way to set it up is to install LocaleEmulator program. Also, you will need to install RPG Maker XP RTP from this link Be sure to download and install the right one.
  • [Content]
    * Includes 32 event CG images (not including the variations)

Game Images & Screenshots

The game requires Japanese locale and RPG Maker XP RTP to run.


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