Project: S.P.E.S. [v0.3] By 6Rairyu9

6Rairyu9 Games released a new game called Project: S.P.E.S. and the version is 0.3. The game’s story is about You are a 19 year old boy, 6 months ago your mother died and you found yourself alone. Luckily by your side you have Victoria and Sofia. Victoria was very close friends with your mother, you and Sofia (Sofi) have been friends since childhood, together you have been through a lot and now your friendship is no longer a simple friendship. One day a sudden phone call turned your life upside down, whether this will turn out to be an opportunity only time will tell.​

Developer: 6Rairyu9
File Size: 1.20 GB
Version: 0.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


Developer Notes:

About the game

  • This is my first time trying to make a game, at the moment I am learning how to use the various programs, I hope you can like the story I have in mind.
  • About the tags, many more tags are planned in the future such as: Anal Sex, Titfuck, Group Sex and many others.
  • The tags that will never be present are: NTR- Rape.
  • All the characters who will become part of the protagonist’s Harem will only have sex with him or each other.
  • (For story reasons, some characters may have had previous partners).
  • At the moment the game is in an early stage, I hope to bring a story with interesting characters.
  • Gameplay
  • The game is a classic VN, choices will be few and will mostly involve sex scenes, the story and main characters will not be affected by these choices.

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