RATQUEEN [v0.3.20 Trial] By KatWhorm Games

KatWhorm Games released a new game called RATQUEEN and the version is 0.3.20 Trial. The game’s story is about In the twisted realm of Ratania, harmony was shattered when a cabal of eldritch alchemists, driven by an insatiable thirst for power and guided by the eldritch whispers of ancient tomes, embarked on a dark experiment that would unleash unspeakable horrors upon the land.

In their relentless pursuit of forbidden knowledge, the alchemists sought to merge the principles of science with the eldritch mysteries of alchemy, believing that by harnessing the raw power of the cosmos itself, they could unlock the secrets of immortality and ascend to godhood. Their experiments led them to create abominable hybrids known as the Rat Girls: twisted amalgamations of human and rodent, their minds warped by the eldritch energies that coursed through their veins.

Led by their enigmatic Rat Queens, the Rat Girls emerged from the depths of the alchemists’ laboratories, their hunger for destruction matched only by their insatiable thirst for the life force of mortals. With feral cunning and otherworldly powers at their disposal, they descended upon the unsuspecting populace of Ratania, leaving chaos and despair in their wake.​

Developer: KatWhorm Games
File Size: 97.0 MB
Version: 0.3.20 Trial
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.3.20 Trial
Initial Release

Developer Notes:

Another weird game here.
However, this game is weird on an entirely unrelated level unlike my previous game CATMORPHOSIS.
RATQUEEN is a casual strategy game where you capture mysterious creatures called Rat Girls using metal cages. Once you’ve captured a Rat Girl, you may sell it for money so you can create more traps to capture more rat girls. While some levels either require you to build a number of cages or kill a number of Rat Girls, there are levels where you’re goal is to Slay the Rat Queen using your Poison Cheese.


  • Rats
  • Unique gameplay and art style
  • Different play styles
  • Animated rats girls
  • Various types of rat girls with unique mechanics
  • Vertical game progression
  • Complex pathfinding behaviors
  • Addicting gameplay loop
  • Somewhat immersive audio
  • More rat(girl)s


In this game, you’re goal is to capture Rat Girls so you can sell them for money and build more traps and capture more Rat Girls. However, levels are currently divided into three different game modes:

  1. Slay the Queen, where your goal is to kill one or more Rat Queens using poison cheese.
  2. Mass Extermination, where your goal is to a specified number of rat girls using poison cheese.
  3. Build and Invade, where your goal is to build a specific number of cages.

For PC users, press ASWD to navigate between the buildable areas, then press R to open the build panel. Alternatively, you can use your mouse to hover the build locations and then right-click your mouse to open the build panel.

Then, press SPACE BAR to capture a Rat Girl in front of a built trap.

For Mobile, controls are similar but instead you use arrow keys, the square button for opening the build panel and the circle button for capturing Rat Girls. Alternatively, you may touch and click on the buildable areas to navigate as well.

This is just the initial update for this game. I plan to add the following on future updates:

  • Rat girl breeding
  • Animated lewd scenes
  • Visual novel
  • More game modes
  • More trap variety
  • More gameplay mechanics
  • More rat girls
  • Rat girl customization
  • Rat-ified anime waifus (exclusives)
  • Rat-iary (rat girl bestiary with gallery mode)
  • Achievements
  • And so much more!!!!!

Game Images & Screenshots

OthersOnline (Trial)

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