White Russian [Ep.1-7]

White Russian [Ep.1-6]

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White Russian Download Game Final Walkthrough + Inc Patch Latest Version – You work in a small cafe. After your boss goes on a trip..

Developer: Nekoma Games Patreon
Censored: No
Version: Episode 1-7
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English
Genre: Adult, 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, big ass, big tits, school setting, teasing, groping, lactation, monster girl, incest

Description Game

You work in a small cafe. After your boss goes on a trip, her two daughters take over the store.
Unfortunately, you find it harder and harder to pay the monthly rent as the income becomes more and more meager.

At the beginning of the story, a mysterious letter leads you to two strange milk jugs,
the contents of which, after being unknowingly consumed by some of the girls around you, cause strange symptoms.
Perhaps it is these very symptoms that can save the cafe from closing.

Frankly speaking the girls start to lactate and their breasts get bigger.
What to do in a cafe with this involuntarily produced milk? I’m sure you’ll think of something. 



Episode 7 – In this episode you’ll play a P&P adventure with the girls in the style of ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. Will you stop the plans of an evil witch or submit to her?

– The PnP event has 5 different endings and one with 4 variations.
– Added a ‘Group Mode’ to the Size Gallery

Episode 6 – In this episode, among other things, Kumi visits you at home, Kiara takes Nicole to a gym and Mirai discovers a new way of milking.

Episode 5 – In this episode, among other things, you’ ll get a visit from persistent real estate agents, learn more about Nicole’s family and receive assistance in the café from Kiara and Jane.

– added a ‘Size Gallery’ (If you open the ‘Size Gallery’ ingame you have to save your game first, because the gallery is treated like a scene and not like a menu. Therefore, you cannot easily go back to the point from which you opened the Gallery.)
– reduced the file size to 1/10 of the original size
– added option to jump to every episode in the intro

Episode 4 – In this episode, among other things, you’ll get to meet the girls at the pool, follow how Carmilla and Leila make a plan for the girls’ milk, and experience personal moments with Cora and Kiara.

– Added Android build

Episode 3 [Version 2]

– copied the whole game from Visual Novel Maker to Renpy.
– corrected a few typos

Episode 3 – In this new episode, among other things, you’ll get a nightly visit, meet Nicole in the city and you’ll go with Mirai to a mysterious doctor to have her milky breasts examined.

-Changed the backlog function
(Backlog no longer starts at the beginning of the scene, but from the point where you launch the backlog)
-Fixed issues with audio sliders
(It should now be possible to move the sliders from their position to another)
-Added option to jump directly to new Episode from the intro
-Added Linux Build

Episode 1-2 – First Release

How To Install Game White Russian

  1. Extract
  2. Play the game

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