MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.1.2] Subjunctive Games

Subjunctive Games released a new game called MindWare: Infected Identity and the version is 0.1.2. The game’s story is about In MindWare: Infected Identity, you play as a former freelance hacker who is trying to get by in a neon-soaked city where pleasure is the ultimate goal for many. Your life takes an unexpected turn when a seemingly routine dive into the cyberspace ends with you becoming infected with a gender-altering mindware, a cutting-edge strain of malware that targets the human brain. Your choices become pivotal in shaping not only your identity but also the path of your story. Will you embrace your new identity and the allure and thrill it brings? Or will you seek to control or reverse the mindware’s effects, fighting to maintain your former self?​

Developer: Subjunctive
File Size: 378.3 MB
Version: 0.1.2
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Three neuroimaging sessions with Xavier added. Supporters can skip waiting using a button in the task description (visible only with Extra Options unlocked).
  • Gender change status messages now say 1 point instead of 1 points.
  • Added sexuality statistics in the Character screen.
  • New bar area in EroSphere.
  • You can now order a drink in EroSphere (doesn’t have any effects yet).
  • The SynTech location is now accessible (but there’s nothing to do there yet).
  • You can now go inside the Panacea Clinic (but there’s nothing to do there yet).
  • Supporters can now teleport inside EroSphere from the Extra Options menu.
  • You can now dance in EroSphere (but it doesn’t lead to anything yet).
  • You can now enter the Glory Booths area (but there’s nothing to do there yet).
  • It’s no longer possible for implantCharge to be lower than 0.

Developer Notes:

MindWare: Infected Identity is a free-to-play, work-in-progress adult interactive fiction game set in a cyberpunk world where even the human mind isn’t safe from malware.

  • Explore a cyberpunk city where pleasure is the ultimate currency.
  • Forge meaningful relationships with characters.
  • Hack into computer systems and devices.
  • Decide whether to resist or embrace the mind-altering virus.
  • Influence the narrative through your choices.

I want MindWare to give players an experience that combines a tight, well-paced main storyline with the freedom to explore expansive side content. The goal is to offer players a sense of autonomy in how they experience the game while replicating the narrative intensity found in games like Mass Effect.

The game will feature a variety of mini-games that will hopefully add fun layers of interactivity to the gameplay. Among these, I’m particularly excited to integrate hacking mini-games inspired by Uplink, which will be integrated into the storyline and impact the progression and outcomes based on player skill and choices.

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