Imperial Lovers [v1.0.2 Steam] By Laplace

dLaplace evname Games released a new game called Imperial Lovers and the version is 1.0.2 Steam. The game’s story is about You are Cabinet Minister Dantes of the Wahrsenraiz Empire. You’ve taken advantage of the emperor’s failing health to run the government how you see fit—and to line your own pockets. But now, Princess Tiana—the emperor’s sole daughter and heir—and her retainers are threatening your position. The three of them plan to bring your corruption to light and oust you from government. Just as the noose seems ready to tighten around your neck, you discover a magic ring that promises you the power to ensnare the hearts of women. Will the ring’s power allow you to turn the tables on your accusers and seize the empire for yourself? Formally known as “Imperial Harem”

Developer: Laplace
File Size: 711.8 MB
Version: 1.0.2 Steam
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added v1.02 Steam Uncensored

Developer Notes:

  • Training in session!
    It’s your job to train the princess and her retainers in an animated touch-simulation minigame! Manage their arousal and pain as you poke and prod the most delicate parts of their bodies.
  • Gain experience!
    Enhance your sexual abilities to make the girls putty in your hands and win their obedience. Arouse the girls with techniques and items and then bring them to climax again and again!
  • It’s a race against the clock!
    You have only a limited amount of time to break the princess and make her yours. Fail and you’ll lose everything you’ve schemed for.

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