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Midnight Paradise v0.10 by Lewdlab. Lewdlab’s next landlady epic, this time without dream shadows and more tribal tattoos and fancypants rich bois.​ Midnight Paradise Game Connor is spending his young adult life carelessly, having easy access to money and pleasure. However, after a failed year at college, his life starts to fall apart as he returns home to face the consequences and those he left behind 2 years ago. He’s met with an ultimatum: rise up to the challenges and show he’s capable or watch his future taken from him.​

Updated: 2020-07-31
Release Date: 2020-07-31
Developer: Lewdlab Patreon
Censored: No
Version: v0.10
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Other Game: Dreams of Desire
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Incest, MILF, Big tits, Big ass, Oral sex, Vaginal sex

1. Extract and run.

Android Touch Usage
  • swipe down to hide the ui
  • swipe left to roll back
  • swipe right to start skipping of text
  • swipe 2x left&right to open the game menu
  • swipe up&down to toggle a small window with memory usage information
  • longpress the save file thumbnail in the save/load screen to delete this slot

– Added 3 new Main Story scenes
– Added 1 new scene with Natsuko
– Added 5 new scenes with Ruby
– Added 2 new scenes with Joyce
– Added 7 new animations
– Added choice variations to Ruby’s and Joyce’s scenes based on player morality stat
– Added a new cutscene
– Reworked the choice menu so now it looks much better an coherent with the rest of the UI
– Added Elite and Extra scenes with Ruby and Isabel

v0.6 – Game Remake Update
Old saves are not compatible in this new update. New saves made in the current update will always be compatible with future updates.
However, you do NOT need to restart from the beginning of the game if you do not want to.
When you start a new game you have the option to start at the update you last finished,
and have every choice/decision in the game exactly as you had it before (or change them if you want),
and have all scenes you had watched unlocked in the new gallery.

– Added new Character – Sofia
– Added new Main Story scene with Natsuko – 2 variations
– Added new Main Story scene with Eliana
– Added new Main Story scene with Joyce and Sofia
– Added new Main Story scene with Sofia – 2 variations
– Added 2 new Character Storyline scenes for Joyce
– Added 2 new Character Storyline scenes for Ruby – both have 2 variations
– Added 3 new Character Storyline scenes for Isabel
– Added 4 new Character Storyline scenes for Ms Jane (1 of these is just a connecting scene)
– Added 1 new Massage Level for Isabel
– Added 1 new Massage Level for Ruby
– Added 1 new Yoga Level for Joyce
– Added 1 new Night Scene for Ruby
– Added 1 new Night Scene for Isabel
– Added 1 new Night Scene for Joyce
– Added 2 new Night Scenes for Sofia
– Added 15 new Animations

– Night Scenes now unlock as you play. This creates better progression with the lewd content in the game. (This is especially relevant if you’re playing for the first time)
– Added some miscellaneous dialogue like the Logan-Connor insult interaction and the portrait monologues.
– More involvement of the Morality System – this will be the first time your past decisions influence a choice you can make in one of the scenes
We start slow with this, but later there will be bigger choices/routes that depend on Connor’s Morality

– Midnight Paradise is now available on Android and Chromebook! The apk is playable on old and new Android devices and Chromebook
– Added 13 new locations to the game!
– Home: bedroom hallway, side corridor, bathroom interior, Isabel’s room interior, Joyce’s room interior, Ruby’s room interior
– School: entrance, lecture hall, library
– City map: boutique, Ms. Jane’s home, Sofia’s home, Thorne’s office interior
– Removed the old room navigation system and added a new one which allows you to click and move around the house and other locations more naturally
– Added character schedules for all characters; characters can now be seen and interacted with in different places depending on the time of day and other conditions
– Rewrote all of the code in the entire game, which has resulted in improvements in quality for every aspect of the game

– Improved the flow of story progression by removing many gratuitous event trigger requirements
– Completely remade the scene gallery; improved the design and navigation, the gallery is now sorted by character, all scenes that were missing have now been added, thumbnails are higher resolution, and scenes that are new in the latest update are now highlighted so you can easily find which scenes are new
– Improved all scene replay transitions and the starting points of many scene gallery scenes
– Increased the quality of 54 animations by about 20% by re-encoding them in a better way
– New yoga scenes for Joyce are now triggered from her bedroom in the morning to keep consistency with the actual scenes
– Improved the beginning of every massage event for all characters
– Increasing a character’s massage or yoga level will no longer cause you to miss a scene if you haven’t seen the scene for that character’s current level
– All levels of massage, yoga, and tutoring events can now be repeated
– New massage, yoga, tutoring, and tv events will now show that they’re new so you don’t have to repeat an event to see if it’s new
– You can now exit from talking to Joyce, Isabel, or Ruby instead of being forced to replay a scene if you clicked them
– Ms. Jane now teaches class in the morning, and will also occasionally offer to start a tutoring session after class
– Implemented day of the week system, which for example means Ms. Jane won’t teach class on the weekend
– Improved many events by adjusting the event trigger location and time as well as the event ending location and time to match the beginning and ending of the actual scenes
– The Skip Time button is now able to trigger new events at a location (previously it was unable to due to limitations in the old navigation system made by the previous programmer)
– Improved the city map screen; the map button now toggles the map screen, the toolbar is now visible on the map screen, location labels are now always visible and look a bit better, and locations will now only show if they can be visited
– Restored some dialogue to Joyce’s second massage event
– Improved every cum scene sequence for all scenes
– Improved unfitting dialogue lines and corrected many typos and grammar issues for every event in the game
– Improved enter and exit scene transitions for nearly every event in the game
– Improved the image quality of all location background images
– Improved the pause for all text-based story transitions
– Improved the choice screen menu by adding the option to show disabled choices
– The Objectives screen now shows which massage and yoga scenes you’ve watched instead of your current level
– Reorganized the game’s entire file, image, and code structure, which makes coding implementation of future content faster

Bug fixes:
– Fixed Joyce’s and Isabel’s first drinking event so it will now show the extended scene version instead of it always being skipped and impossible to see (the previous coder was probably drinking too when he coded everything, ffs)
– Fixed Ruby’s first massage event so it will now show the extended scene version instead of it always being skipped and impossible to see
– Fixed every prologue and 0.2 event so that images aren’t shown 1 dialogue line after they were supposed to be shown (literally almost every image shown had this problem, pepega)
– Fixed Isabel’s car pick up scene showing the wrong images
– Fixed four events so they now show images that had been made but were never shown in-game
– Fixed 12+ images from scenes made in 0.1 through 0.5 that had visual glitches caused by rendering issues
– Fixed 2 animations from 0.3 that were encoded at a wrong resolution and wouldn’t appear correctly when being shown in-game
– Fixed every music statement in the game so fadeout now works as intended



Download For Win/Lin

Download For MAC

Download For Android

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