Dungeon: Keep Her [v0.14] By keepherdev

keepherdev Games released a new game called Dungeon: Keep Her and the version is 0.14. The game’s story is about Building and designing your dungeon, guarding your riches, having your minions harvest gold, and creating new technologies, for your nefarious purposes! It would all be so easy, if not for those pesky invaders always trying to foil our plans… Luckily, they’re not bad looking and once we put our hands on them, I’m sure we can think of a use or two for their… motivation.​

Developer: keepherdev
File Size: 340.0 MB
Version: 0.14
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Genetics
    Almost every aspect of a character’s appearance is now defined by specific Genetic Traits.
    These can be obtained and lost much like any other trait already present in the game!
    This means you can quantify and evaluate a character’s appearance item by item, allowing for a lot of interesting mechanics, such as:
    Races now having a pre-defined pool of possible genes when creating a character.
    Potions, events, abilities and other interactions can alter appearances.
    Players can collect and look for rare genetic traits and quirks.
  • And coming soon:
    A player character creation screen where you can pick and choose appearance items.
    A slave market where appearance traits can be in high or low demand.
    Breeding mechanics where the offspring inherits appearances from both sides.
    Physical conditions like the Undead or Vampires that slightly alter specific genes.
    And a LOT more! This is a very big underlying mechanic that allows for so much stuff I wanted to add into the game.
  • Males & Futas
    Male characters and the researchable Futas are now available!
    This also introduces Penis mechanics. Characters with a Penis will have it become rigid or soft in real time as their Lust changes.
    When wearing clothing, a Bulge will also be present and scale accordingly!
    During lewd animations featuring any penetration, characters with a penis will have it attempting to realistically penetrate.
    Characters with no penis will automatically wear a strap-on during those animations.
    Hole physics are WIP so I decided to scrap them from Alpha 0.14 for the time being, but they will also stretch accordingly in future releases.
    Males characters are in their most basic version at the moment and will improve with time.
    No special personalities, voice lines or idle animations are available at the moment for males, so they may be… effeminate for the time being.
    Special, penis only genes such as penis sizes or no balls will also be available in future releases.
  • Lewd Animations
    Animations during interactions have been added and previous ones have been reworked or removed.
    New positions that make use of the penis, and activities such as blowjobs have been added!
    Pink Cards are now added only by using Lewd Tomes featuring the “Rough” tag, which will also have a different icon. This is because those animations are more fitting for a combat scenario.
  • Facial and Body Features
    Different features for characters faces and bodies have been added, with different eye shapes, facial scars, paintings, body details and more!
    These will be expanded in future versions to add even more variety, such as body paintings, tattoos and facial hair.
  • Dungeon Layout and Upgrades
    Expanding your Dungeon is now a lot more expensive, putting emphasis on optimizing your design and planning ahead!
    To allow for this, most rooms can now be Upgraded!
    Upgraded rooms will yield more resources and better effects.
    Some rooms now feature special effects triggered by conditions such as “when invaded” or “when visited”. Planning characters routes, both servants and invaders, are now a huge part of optimizing resource yield and defenses!
    Trap rooms have been properly reintroduced, making use of the above systems.
  • Improved Body Physics and Proportions
    Character proportions have been reworked to make them a little bit stubbier and less stretched out, with shorter and thicker legs.
    Body physics have been improved, with the introduction of “squashing”.
    I attempted to artificially recreate the feeling of soft body physics for breasts and butts by having them scale according to their current velocity. This creates a realistic (but still kinda exaggerated) feeling of density.
    It feels so much better when compared to previous versions, I’m really happy with how it’s looking so far!
  • Combat Speed and Balancing
    Combat should feel faster, with overall damage being ramped up. Invasions are also a lot more sparse, giving you more time between each invader.
    Weapon, levels and ability values have been reworked. Character combat decks should now feature a lot more basic cards of the same type, diminishing the occurrence of special abilities like Pink Cards.
    Ability cards should now accurately display values like accuracy or predicted damage.
  • New Items and Abilities
    Some new clothing pieces and invader loadouts have been added. Some of the previous clothing have been reworked!
    There are new items that make use of the appearance system, which I’ll just call “Potions”.
    Potions will be responsible for altering physical aspects of characters, and I handcrafted a few for this version! In the future, I want to add procedural potions for each and every genetic trait, being crafted by mixing and experimenting with different ingredient items.
    Some new abilities also make use of the new resource gaining effect. This way, you can gain gold, tech or steal items from the invaders during battle!
    The Capture ability has been added and allows for a quick attempt at capturing an invader!

Developer Notes:

[Manage Mode]

  • Move around with WASD or the mouse
  • Expand by building rooms adjacent to your dungeon
  • To build new facilities, click empty rooms, and select “Build”
  • You can buy most things with Gold
  • Tech is used to do research or reduce invasion risk
  • Garrison or population points are used to determine how many guards can defend your dungeon at once
  • To hire a guard, select any room and click “Place Guard”
  • Gems are used for special interactions, like banishing invaders

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