Checkmate Charmers [v1] By Impy

Impy Games released a new game called Checkmate Charmers and the version is 1. The game’s story is about The king is missing and his daughter has plans to steal the crown for herself! Make your way across a variety of puzzling boards, upgrade your allied chess pieces, and charm anyone who opposes your claim to the throne!​

Developer: Impy
File Size: 70.8 MB
Version: 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial release

Developer Notes:


  • Left mouse button controls all primary actions.
  • Click and drag your pieces to move them.
  • Click and drag items into your inventory, or equipment slots.
  • Click enemy pieces to see which moves they can make.
  • Download a desktop version below to play the game in fullscreen.


  • The rules are the same as regular chess but En Passant is not allowed, and pawns will promote to indicated types of pieces in each map.
  • You can switch out move types between your pieces by changing equipped items and will receive additional types as you score checkmates or charm enough opposing pieces. Seals allow movement and rings allow capture. A piece must always wear at least one item from its original class.

[Future Plans]
Development for this game will continue! I plan to make at least two updates in Spring and early summer of 2024. All updates will be made freely available after several weeks of early access for my subscribers.


Game Images & Screenshots


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