Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.6.4] [ArcGames]


Corrupted Kingdoms v0.6.4 by ArcGames, Corrupted Kingdoms game is about you are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

Updated: 2020-08-05
Release Date: 2020-08-05
Developer: ArcGames Patreon – SubscribeStar
Censored: No
Version:  v0.6.4
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3dcg, adventure, ahegao, animated, corruption, fantasy, male protagonist, masturbation, mind control, mobile game, monster, monster girl, pregnancy, rape, rpg, spanking, handjob, oral sex, vaginal sex

Extract and run.

  • Annie: New Story Event!
  • Chloe: You can now visit Chloe’s room at night for some naughty fun!
  • Gwen: You can now visit Gwen’s room at night for some naughty fun!
  • Jessica: You can now visit Jessica’s room at night for some naughty fun!
  • Gallery: Ice Cream Girls repeatable event has been added to the Gallery! (Need to do the event again to unlock it)
  • Bug: Fixed an issue that prevented you progressing Emma’s storyline if you were at a certain point in the Fey story
  • Bug: The game will no longer accidentally reveal Lyx’s name before she tells you it
  • Bug: Jessica will now be referred to as “Aunt Jessica” in her replays if you’ve unlocked that Quirk
  • Bug: “X” icon on property cards is now positioned correctly
  • Bug: Typo fixes (dialogue)


  • LAG: Some of you have been experiencing lag/stuttering in the game. Well, no longer! Thanks to Komisari for showing me what was causing the problem and suggesting a fix which is working perfectly! No more lag in CK! :)
  • Madison: New Love Event!
  • Veronica: New Love Event!
  • College: Authority has levelled up! (New dialogue with the college girls)
  • Gallery: Car Wash Girls repeatable event has been added to the Gallery! (Need to do the event again to unlock it)
  • Misc: Related to the lag fix – because the lag was caused by the game autosaving constantly the game will now autosave only when the in-game time changes.
  • Misc: Changed “Return” to “Main Menu” in the EXTRAS screen to hopefully avoid confusion
  • Misc: Added a hint to the Insight training if you’re at Insight 5 and try to meditate without having met Qarinah
  • Misc: Added “(May not be available in this version)” to Lyx’s HINT
  • Bug: Positioned the Maps’ “Clock” and “X” icons correctly
  • Bug: Fixed an “Exception Error” some people were getting when they started a new game
  • Bug: Added Veronica to the Gallery (for Android – already in PC/Mac/Linux in bugfix build). Whoops!
  • Bug: Gwen will no longer be in both her room and the livingroom simultaneously (Gwen clones confirmed?)
  • Bug: Pixie’s wings no longer obscure her bio text
  • Bug: You will no longer be notified that you’ve unlocked a girl’s swimsuit after every beach date
  • Bug: You can no longer buy the Hallowe’en poster in Act One
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where, if you were hovering over an icon in the Inventory, Leads or Powers menu and pressed ESC the text would remain. It now disappears as it should.
  • Bug: Fixed an “image not found” error when meeting Lyx and Madison and unlocking their cards
  • Bug: Fixed a small typo in Morgana’s character card
  • Bug: Can no longer knock on Gwen’s door on weekday evenings (Shh! She’s sleeping!)
  • Bug: Typo fixes (dialogue)


  • System: CK now has a Discord Rich Presence! (Shows under “playing”, tracks your time, what stage of the game you’re at and so on)
  • System: Added a toggle to the Options page to allow you to enable or disable the Discord thing at will (if you’re already in the middle of a game, you’ll need to refresh for it to register)
  • Gallery: Total rework of the Gallery system. New graphics, new layout, and each girl now has her own page! (YOU MUST LOAD A SAVED GAME TO UNLOCK THE GALLERY CARDS!)
  • Fan Art: New gallery! Lovely fan art from lovely people! Submit your own, along with your portfolio site and/or social media and it will be included in the fan art gallery!
  • Character Cards: Total rework of the Character Cards system. New graphics, new layout, new “preview outfits” feature!
  • Powers/Leads/Inventory/Stats: New layout and graphics
  • Misc: Updated the main menu with new animated background and nav buttons
  • Misc: Added a “loading” splash image when booting up the game (PC and Android)
  • Misc: Updated all launch and window icons (PC, Mac, Linux, Android)
  • Misc: Tidied up and properly separated out the .rpa archives. Cleaner folder layout, plus hopefully makes it easier to apply bugfix patches in the future (download a 2kb file rather than the entire update!)
  • Misc: Small tweak to the mouse cursor (new colour, plus drop shadow)
  • Misc: Added a few books to Erica’s room so it actually looks like you’re interrupting her reading
  • Bug: Fixed a few very rare “Exception has occurred” errors
  • Bug: Typo fixes (“hsuband”)


  • Madison: New Story Event!
  • Main Story: New Mini-Event (Follow the “FEY” Lead)
  • Navigation: New navigation options in Morgana’s home!
  • Location: New map location (“Marina”)!
  • Bug: Couple of small typos fixed.


  • Qarinah: New Love Event!
  • Main Story: New Event! (Follow the “FEY” Lead!)
  • Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” outfit variation (Swimsuit)!
  • Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” outfit variation (Swimsuit)!
  • Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” outfit variation (Swimsuit)!
  • Bug: Created an extra workaround for people suffering from an old bug. The “Use a Key” option in the Nexus should ALWAYS show up correctly now
  • Bug: Fixed certain naughty acts on the beach and in the living room not updating the girls’ stats
  • Bug: Small typo fix


  • Main Story: New Event! (Follow the “FEY” Lead!)
  • Chloe: New event – Beach date!
  • Charisma Training: Level Four training available! (Visit the bar in the morning)
  • Charisma Training: Level Five training available! (Visit the bar in the morning)
  • Bug: Fixed a small typo in Gwen’s beach date scene


  • Main Story: New event! (Follow the “FEY” Lead!)
  • Jessica: New event – Beach Date! (Created with community input during our test livestream!)
  • Gwen: New Event – Beach Date!
  • Change: Slowed down Zoe & Penny’s naughty scene. Now they won’t get so dizzy!
  • Nexus Key: Added a new Key word (“Help”) by player suggestion
  • Misc: Changed a small line of dialogue in Asteria’s latest event for clarification


  • Asteria: New Love Event!
  • Asteria: New “Let’s be Naughty” outfit variation (default)!
  • Asteria: New “Let’s be Naughty” outfit variation (nude)!
  • Supporters: It’s the first update of the month, so all $20+ Patrons and Subs have been added to the credits! (.txt file in the main game folder, plus the laptop in the Manor) Thank you all so much!
  • Misc: Added another keyword to the Nexus to hopefully help people who are a bit confused
  • Bug: Changed part of the Organisation storyline so it no longer conflicts with Jessica’s mini-event on Sunday (released as part of the v0.5.6 Wednesday update)
  • Bug: Fixed an obscure little bug that allowed you to skip an Eldritch lead step and end up with duplicated leads


  • Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ELDRITCH Lead!)
  • Power: New Power! (“Endless Air”)
  • System: A new mechanic I’m trying, related to the Nexus “Keys”. You type the “key” into the textbox and if you get a hit, you get an event! This might suck for Android users, so if you have any issues getting it to work, let me know!
  • Jessica: New mini-event! Visit the bathroom on Sunday morning (50% chance)
  • Gramps: New Nexus shortcut! (Try typing “think about Gramps”) in the new “Use a Key” section of the Nexus
  • Secret: A silly little fourth-wall-breaking Easter Egg, accessed via a particular Nexus Key. Not gonna tell you what it is, though! Have to find it on your own ;)
  • Bug: Typo fix


Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANIZATION Lead!)
Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ELDRITCH Lead!)
Main Story: New Event! (Follow the FEY Lead!)
Gwen: New Mini Event! Visit her room any WEEKDAY AFTERNOON (20% chance)
Chloe: New Mini Event! Visit the garden any WEEKDAY AFTERNOON (20% chance)
Bug: Fixed a prologue image that was incorrectly sized
Bug: couple of typos fixed


  • Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
  • Emma: New Story Event!
  • Lily: New “let’s be naughty” outfit variation! (Cowgirl – BIKER outfit!)
  • Lily: New “let’s be naughty” outfit variation! (Bar sex – NUDE outfit!)
  • Bug: Fixed Chloe, Gwen and Pixie’s stats not updating correctly during naughty bath time
  • Bug: Fixed an error in Chloe’s “Bimbo” speech pattern
  • Bug: One or two typos fixed


  • Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
  • Jessica: New repeatable event! (Check out the living room on FRIDAY or SATURDAY NIGHT)
  • Jessica: New “let’s be naughty” outfit variation! (Boob job – CLUB outfit!)
  • Misc: Changed “World Map” icon to “Outskirts” icon to prevent confusion
  • Bug: Selecting “Jessica” in the “Call someone to sleep with” menu won’t teleport you to your flat if her Love isn’t high enough any more
  • Bug: Couple typos cleaned up


  • Main Story: New Event! (Follow the ORGANISATION Lead!)
  • Map: New Location! The CAFÉ!
  • System: You can now summon certain girls to sleep in bed with you at night
  • Chloe: Chloe can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
  • Gwen: Gwen can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
  • Jessica: Jessica can now sleep in your bed with you at night!
  • Misc: Changed Lyx’s “Hint” text to hopefully avoid confusion
  • Bug: Fixed a graphical issue in one of Kana’s renders (bye bye blue arrow of justice!)
  • Bug: Some grammatical errors fixed. Couple old dialogues polished up


Madison: New Story event!
Veronica: New Story event!
College: New dialogue for the college girls!
College: New area: Office!
Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – ICE CREAM GIRLS event!
Misc: Changed the “titles” associated with some of the girls’ stats
Bug: A few little typos and grammatical errors fixed


  • Magic Training: Level Three training available!
  • Power: New Power – AURA!
  • Explore: More content added to the TOWN EXPLORE – CAR WASH GIRLS event!
  • Physical: Level Four training now available! (Talk to Annie)
  • Bug: Jessica’s Yoga event will no longer occur at the same time as Laura’s visit
  • Bug: Minor typos fixed.


  • Lily: New Love Event!
  • Lily: New “Let’s be Naughty” option! (with three outfit variations!)
  • System: Can now get certain girls to poledance in the club for money! (Talk to Lily in the bar!)
  • Chloe: Can now poledance in the club!
  • Gwen: Can now poledance in the club!
  • Jessica: Can now poledance in the club!
  • System: Old stats for Main Girls replaced with some of the new tracking stats! Check out their Cards.
  • Misc: Events that required old stats now have different requirements to unlock (Love, Magic, etc.)
  • Misc: Added Chloe’s optional speech patterns to her Club scenes
  • Misc: Made slight changes to Chloe’s “Babygirl” speech pattern (No more “‘oo”s)
  • Misc: Removed the dungeon training for now. It’ll be back, bigger and better, in a later update!
  • Bug: Minor typos fixed.


  • Emma: New Love Event!
  • Qarinah: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
  • Laptop: New “Cheat” feature – “Add Cash”! (Use the “Profile” button on your laptop)
  • Misc: Addition of over 100 “tracking” variables (these will come into play in the next update)
  • Misc: Tidied up some old dialogue to make some scenes clearer/flow better
  • Bug: Minor typos fixed


  • College: Can now be explored! (1st & 2nd floor, gym, pool and library)
  • College: New mini-event (gym)!
  • College: New mini-event (pool)!
  • College: New mini-event (library)!
  • Insight Training: Level Four training available (visit the Lake)
  • Insight Training: Level Five training available (visit the Lake)
  • Misc: Tweaked some dialogue and code to make things flow a little better
  • Bug: Daydreaming about Annie and Kana in Act 1 no longer teleports you to Act 2. Whoops!
  • Bug: You can no longer Daydream about Kana and Annie before you meet them
  • Bug: Lyx’s card-unlocking scene no longer occurs immediately after learning Endure.


  • Veronica: New Story Event!
  • Jessica: New Repeatable Event! (Go to the Manor’s Pool any weekend afternoon)
  • College: New Mini Event! (“Look around the courtyard”)
  • Daydream: New Kana Pregnancy Daydream! (Character Poll Winner!)
  • Daydream: New Annie Pregnancy Daydream! (Character Poll Runner-up!)
  • Misc: Added Pixie’s “Juicing” scene to the Gallery
  • Misc: Added this month’s $20+ Patrons/Subs to the CREDITS (check the game folder and/or the laptop. If I’ve missed anyone, please let me know!)
  • Bug: You can no longer gather mushrooms for infinite Endure Powers. One is all you get!
  • Bug: Bunch of little typos tidied up.


  • Annie: New Side Event! (Repeatable) – Talk to her on Sunday Afternoons
  • Pixie: You can now go on a beach date with her human-sized!
  • Insight Training: Level Two training available (visit the Lake)
  • Insight Training: Level Three training available (visit the Lake)
  • Bug: Backing out of Pixie’s naughty scene no longer takes you back into Act One.
  • Bug: Added line to remove Qarinah lead for people who have it stuck in their Leads menu.
  • Bug: Minor bug and typo fixes


  • Pixie: New Story Event!
  • Pixie: New Love Event!
  • Pixie: You can now go on a Beach Date with her again!
  • Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Normal)!
  • Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
  • Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Schoolgirl)!
  • Pixie: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Swimsuit)!
  • Lyx: New Story Event!
  • Lyx: Now has a Character Card in the Heart menu!
  • Bug: Teeny-tiny typo fixes


  • Veronica: New Story Event! (Talk to her at the College)
  • New Character: New Main Girl – Madison! (Yes, you’re finally unlocking one of those grey character boxes!)
  • Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
  • Chloe: Added Personality Outbreaks to the rest of her scenes. That should be all of them, now!
  • Chloe: Added the ability to change her speech patterns (see the SYSTEM update note below)! This is a TEST FEATURE for now!
  • System: Speech Patterns. This is a new system that I’m toying with, which will allow me to quickly and easily change a character’s speech patterns. Make girls talk like bimbos, or thugs, or babygirls! Only active on the new Town Explore event and Chloe for now while I test it.
  • Explore: New TOWN event (accessed through any direction combination that doesn’t lead to a specific event)
  • Explore: New System! When exploring, if you don’t find anything, you will automatically be taken to an event you haven’t seen yet (at which point it will be recorded for you to “Remember”). This is only for one-shot events; larger events, like the apartment fire and the Goblin Witch, can’t be found accidentally. You have to pay attention to the clues!
  • Bug: Naughty time with Chloe on the weekend no longer crashes if her stats are too low
  • Bug: Little typo fixes (Chloe is no longer referred to as Gwen. Sorry, Chloe!)


  • Annie: New Commissioned Scene! (Mon/Wed/Fri mornings at the BARNS)
  • Chloe: You can now change Chloe’s personality!
  • Chloe: New Personality Unlock: “Original”!
  • Chloe: QUIRKS have been replaced with PERSONALITIES
  • Gwen: New Quirk! Damaged (doesn’t do anything right now)
  • Explore: New Function! You can now REMEMBER where you’ve been before (Click on “Remember” while Exploring for a list of events you’ve seen and their directions.
  • Laptop: New Function! You can now change your name!
  • System: New feature! All girls now have a “BIO” button on their Heart Menu cards that will allow you greater insight into their personalities and individual game mechanics. Most entries are locked right now, but will be added to in future updates
  • BIO: New entry added for Gwen!
  • BIO: New entry added for Chloe!


  • Magic Training: Level Two training available (visit the Goblin Witch(?))
  • Power: New Power – ENDURE!
  • Bath: New Event – Chloe & Gwen! (Random – Weekday afternoons in the Bathroom)
  • Chloe: Can now experience “Personality Outbreaks”, where the assigned personality (if not default) will momentarily burst out during public events.
  • Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
  • Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene (Nude)!
  • Side Character: New Side Character – SAMANTHA!
  • Explore: New TOWN event (WEST > NORTH > WEST) – and yes, it’s naughty!
  • Explore: New OUTSKIRTS Explore location: Mushroom Glen (EAST > SOUTH > WEST)
  • Explore: More content added to the TOWN – CAR WASH GIRLS event!


  • Jessica: New Yoga naughty scene!
  • Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Explore: Complete rework of how the Explore system functions! Now, instead of being RNG, you select three directions (North/South/East/West) to find certain events. For example, “South > East > South” in the Town Explore will take you to the Ice Cream Girls
  • Explore: Reworked the Town Explore to use the new system
  • Explore: Reworked the Outskirts Explore to use the new system
  • Explore: Reworked the Mountains Explore to use the new system
  • Explore: All Pass/Fail Explore checks will now tell you how likely you are to succeed
  • Bug: Jessica’s name now displays properly when buying her Club outfit
  • Bug: Chloe’s stats are now checked properly in the club (was using Gwen’s)
  • Bug: Couple of minor typos


  • Chloe: Level 2 Club training now available!
  • Chloe: New Breakfast naughty scene!
  • Chloe: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
  • Gwen: Level 2 Club training now available!
  • Gwen: New Breakfast naughty scene!
  • Gwen: New Weekend Afternoon naughty scene!
  • Jessica: Level 2 Club training now available!
  • Jessica: New Breakfast naughty scene!
  • Laptop: New WALLPAPER function!
  • Wallpaper: New Chloe Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper: New Gwen Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper: New Jessica Wallpaper!
  • Misc: Redid some old renders with newer lighting system
  • Bug: Fixed – could have fun with Chloe & Gwen in their club outfits before buying them
  • Bug: Couple of minor typos

Chloe: New Outfit – Club!

  • Chloe: Level 1 Club training now available!
  • Chloe: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Gwen: New Outfit – Club!
  • Gwen: Level 1 Club training now available!
  • Gwen: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Jessica: New Outfit – Club!
  • Jessica: Level 1 Club training now available!
  • Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • New Store: Clothing Store! (The Swift Tailor is back)
  • Misc: Tweaking some of the map/area transition code for the Club. If it works I’ll roll it out for all the areas. Should result in less fadein/fadeout transitions.
  • Misc: A little re-writing of a couple Luna events. Not everything is as it first appears…
  • Bug: Christmas is over, so no more miracles… Typo fixes!


  • New Character: Goblin Witch (?)
  • Goblin Witch(?): New Story Event!
  • New Location: Cottage!
  • Explore: FOUR New Outskirts Exploration Events!
  • System: The first time you Explore you will now get a “Tips” popup that explains the Pass/Fail Events better.
  • Bug: Uhh… wait… no bugs? Or typos? It was a Christmas miracle!


  • Explore: New Town Exploration Event!
  • Explore: New Outskirts Exploration Event!
  • Explore: New Mountain Exploration Event!
  • Lily: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Kana: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Bug: A few typos and a line of debug code removed.


  • Jessica: New Repeatable Event! (Commissioned Event) – go to the Living Room on Saturday morning.
  • Jessica: New Outfit!
  • Jessica: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Pixie: New Story Event!
  • Lily: Added the old animations back to Lily’s last Story scene, along with the new ones. You can now choose which position you prefer.
  • System: New “Explore” system! Discover random events and new secrets!
  • Explore: You can now explore the Town!
  • Explore: 2 new Town Exploration Events!
  • Explore: You can now explore the Outskirts!
  • Explore: 2 new Outskirts Exploration Events!
  • Explore: You can now explore the Mountains!
  • Explore: 2 new Mountain Exploration Events!
  • Misc: Fixed the Rinko Gallery scene so you can choose Shatter or Awaken
  • Bug: Updated Lily’s latest Gallery scene to the correct thumbnail
  • Bug: A bunch of typos fixed.


  • Pixie: New Story Event!
  • Property: New Farm Upgrade (Daycare)!
  • Property: New Bar Upgrade (Club)!
  • Misc: Changed the animations for Lily’s latest event to be less PG-13
  • Bug: The usual handful of typos.


  • Luna: New Story Event!
  • Lily: New Story Event!
  • Lily: New Outfit!
  • Lily: Two new “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scenes!
  • Kana: New “Let’s be Naughty” Outfit variation scene!
  • Property: You can now purchase the BAR!
  • Property: You can now upgrade the BAR!
  • System: Added the first part of the underlying code for pregnancy content!
  • Bug: A few small bugs and typos.


  • Luna: New Story Event!
  • Emma: New Story Event!
  • Emma: New Love Event!
  • Lily: New Love Event!
  • Lily: New “Let’s be Naughty” scene
  • Kana: New “Let’s be Naughty” outfit (nude with collar)
  • Charisma Training: Level Three training available (visit the Bar in the morning)
  • Bug: Just a couple small bugs this time! Woo!


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