Where Girls Are Made [0.5.50 Unlocked] By HelloArisu Games

HelloArisu Games released a new game called Where Girls Are Made and the version is 0.5.50 Unlocked. The game’s story is about

Where Girls Are Made is a unique story simulation game with role-playing and visual novel elements set in a dystopian future where the world is entirely populated by lustful men and all women are extinct and rather replace by artificial androids conveniently called “girls”.

You take the role of a male protagonist working night shift on one of the factories that make these android girls. Your job is to make sure that all android products are perfect and not defective according to the client’s orders.​

Developer: HelloArisu
File Size: 199 MB
Version: 0.5.50 Unlocked
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Added new map area, accessible places are as follows:

  • New Apartment
  • New Mall
  • New Factory

New Job for the player on the new Factory:

New mechanic called the “Phone”:

New game feature (the Phone app) where your purchased androids can chat you if they want attention and you can earn bonus rewards if you “attend” them.

Added 10 new Androids on the New Mall:

Added a new exclusive character (Nezuko) available in the Exclusive Store.
This is only available on the Patreon version.

Other minor changes:

  • Minor UI update and animations for factory.
  • Increased max energy gained for androids purchased for $1200 and above.
  • Added toggle for glitch effect. (accessible on settings)
  • Factory timer will now pause if there’s an active conversation in the conveyor.

Bug fixes:

  • Visual novel progression bug in bar where the ending cutscene is triggered early without talking on all the slutdroids available in that night.
  • Game crashes on factory.
  • Back alley door being locked after accessing and going back inside the bar lounge.

This update may be unstable, so please report to me if you encounter any problems. Thank you.

Developer Notes:

What’s Next
A lot is currently planned for this game.

  • More lewd scenes
  • More android waifus
    • And anime-based androids
  • New sections
    • The “Bar” where you can meet other people and androids
  • New cities
    • Buy a new apartment and new androids
  • New game mechanics

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