Unaware Of The World [0.13a Basic]

Unaware Of The World [0.13a Basic] [Unaware Team]


Main character is an innocent, beautiful 21 years old girl who left her family house in a small village and moved to the big city in order to start her new, adult life. Totally unaware of the big world and with no experience with an opposite sex, she will have to find a way to pay the bills to keep her new flat. She will struggle and try to overcome the dangers of the daily life (in her work, on the streets, and even in her house), and it’s up to the player which path she will choose and how low she will fall.​

Updated: 2021-01-03
Release Date: 2019-07-11
Developer: Unaware Team – Patreon
Censored: No
Version: 0.13a Basic
OS: Win, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English


v0.13a Basic

Fixed many small bugs.
Fixed missing moans.
Fixed position of lips used in blowjob.
Fixed wrong nose & eyes layers on female characters.
Fixed some texture artifacts with clothes.
Dildo (and vibrator now) scene at the shower can also trigger Rick’s peeping.
Fixed bug that could cause changing bottom clothes to fail.
Fixed bug that could block all events, if Jane’s Energy fell to 0.

Since 10th December is our game’s anniversary AND release date of some famous game, thus we added new hair variant.
Added small Christmas event to the Jane’s Home – Hall that can be triggered via her phone.
Tweaked performance and boosted game quality. Also, game should run with the same settings across all platforms. Android is the only exception with 30 FPS limit instead of default 60.
Some minor game tweaks here and there.
Overhauled character creation screen.
Added clothes shop with new NPC (Betty).
Added new buyable clothes.
Most of Jane’s clothes are now buyable, so she starts with default ones only.
All added in this update (and future) clothes are using updated art. If they are glitch-free, we will update all old clothes as well.
Added taxi aka fast travel option. Temporary the only way to enter Clothes Shop location. Works only outside. Currently no events with it.
Added buyable vibrator and 3 scenes with it (bed, toilet, shower).
Moan type is based on lip anim (e.g. muffled moan with closed lips).
Added new scene after getting assaulted in RLD 10 times. This is so far the most advanced animation in the game and I might stick to this style.
Rick’s peeping chance is set to 100% if you need to trigger his event and proceed with the route. Otherwise it stays at 25%.
Increased camera zoom while focusing body parts.
Added brief breast shake after changing top clothes.

Updated credits list.

Reworked from scratch animation syncing feature, making it more accurate and powerful. I will still need to update its syncing rules, so animation desyncs are bound to happen in some cases.
Finished reworking moan system and now it supports multiple moan types, so in the future I can hire more voice actresses.
Finished reworking coordinate system and now, for example, it supports fast travel.
Synced dialogue tool with facial expressions, allowing us to easily change them via clicking (before it needed scripting and was time consuming). We plan to put more emphasis on them in the near future.

Disabled movement through mouse while I’m investigating why it broke after blue screen. It also means no Android version until it’s fixed.
Some animations might desync due to not properly set rules in new animation syncing feature. This one will be fixed over few upcoming updates.

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