Ucogi Minigames BUNDLE [2023-03-24] By Veins

Veins Games released a new game called Ucogi Minigames BUNDLE and the version is 2023-03-24. The game’s story is about What would you ask the topless witch? Will you follow the wisdom of the magic boobs? Or you will let Alice’s kinky dice dictate your life? Download “Heads or Tails” to make sure the files work on your computer and let’s play while Chibi messes with your screen!

Shimeji Chibi Ucogi: Desktop buddy from the game Orphanarium! ~free ★Heads or Tails: Flip Ucogi’s coin and get a random result! ~free (+Wrapper) ★Fairyboobs: The fairy will give you a few words of wisdom as long as you don’t undress her or inflate her boobies! Which is something that you can do. ★Love Dice: Ucogi and her friends will roll the dice and tell you and your friends what to do, in 6 different modes! ★Superstitious Ball: Ucogi will answer your questions by reading her magic ball in 3 modes: dressed, X-ray ball, and topless! (compact version included) ★MultiDice: Roll up to 10 dice with up to 20 sides each! Or just undress Ucogi. Or play with the “safe for work” version with anyone. So many choices!

Developer: Veins
File Size: 40.8 MB
Version: 2023-03-24
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Ucogi MultiDice added!

Dice? Awesome!

♥ Play with up to 10 dice!
♥ The dice can have up to 20 sides!
♥ The dice can have your name written on them!
♥ The dice can have different border color!
♥ Change the background lighting!
♥ Move Ucogi around or change her display art: clothes color, nude color, clothes lines, nude lines.
♥ Ignore Ucogi and use the “safe” version with anyone!

You can use this app to play board games or anything else that might need dice! Have fun!

Developer Notes:

I may upload additional minigames here, so make sure you follow me for any updates! Also check the Ucogi Screensavers as they contain all the above minigames for a different price and a lot more cute and sexy content! Get Fairyboobs in various merchandise, such as posters, mugs, notepads, and squishy pillows! Click on the image to visit Ucogi’s store!

Game Images & Screenshots


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