The Outcast Tribe [v0.1] By WegildDev

WegildDev Games released a new game called The Outcast Tribe and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about The Imperial domain of Humana is home to a vast assortment of curiosities. Never before encountered animals, resources and magical artifacts are basically begging for exploitation. However, the land doesn’t share it’s boon easily. Hostile natives, unnatural disasters and curses don’t make the process easy for the humans. One of those troublesome natives is you, a female goblin warrior in search of her own destiny.

Developer: WegildDev
File Size: 121.5 MB
Version: 0.1
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details


v0.1 Initial Release

Developer Notes:

  • Hello Dear Reader!
  • Thank you kindly for considering this game.
    This is the first ever public release of the game, please expect bugs (even though I playtested for several sessions I might have not caught everything)!
    If you have questions, ask em! All feedback is very welcome!
  • Currently, the sex system works as follows:
  • -Soft bad end (you can continue after losing) CG after the last “heart” is spent when fighting an enemy, then a special sequence of art and text appear
    – When your health reaches a certain threshold, gobbo is “up for grabs”, loosing a QTE event means the seual animation starts (if applicable)
    – Rudimentary Pregnancy system is in place, pregnancy guaranteed after a bad end and possible after enemy cums in the gobbo (pregnancy check every few minutes)
  • Since this is the initial release, there is still much to be done about the whole system (consensual scenes, expansions to pregnancy mechanics and much much more)
    However, since I put my priority on the Pregnancy/Breeding fetish, you can rest assured that this will be one of the main mechanics in the game.
    If you like the idea, please consider supporting by sharing feedback and/or supporting on Patreon.
  • Thank you, ha

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