Termine [v1.8] By Starvy

Starvy Games released a new game called Termine and the version is Free 1.8. The game’s story is about Some Genshin girls decide to have some fun dominating their victims before terminating them.​

Developer: Starvy
File Size: 616.2 MB
Version: 1.8
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added Arlecchino as a playable aggressor
  • Added Kafka as a playable aggressor
  • Added custom clothing menu for her
  • Added custom facial animation for her
  • Added 8 lines per voice line category for her, which is about twice the usual
  • Added Raiden’s kimono to her clothing menu
  • Changed the front headscissor’s tighten mechanic to trigger upon button press
  • Fixed Kuki and Mona’s clothing menus
  • Buga fixa

Developer Notes:

A game for people with a very specific set of fetishes – basically a hold simulator (includes: Reverse Headscissors, Side Reverse Headscissors, Reverse Facesit, Frontal Headscissors as of now) with some Genshin girls as the aggressors (namely: Kuki, Mona and Fischl for now). Includes both male and female victims.

Just some good old Genshin femdom.

Game Images & Screenshots


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