Taru’s Infernal Pledge [v0.1.0] By FlimsyLegs

FlimsyLegs Games released a new game called Taru’s Infernal Pledge and the version is 0.1.0. The game’s story is about In Taru’s Infernal Pledge, you step into the shoes of Taru ‘Bolt’ Nopsa, a dashing woman and exceptionally skilled thief, rogue and assassin. Immerse yourself in a new original fantasy universe and the sprawling metropolitan city of Valkama, the capital city of Jaerwik in the northern edges of the known world. Taru has been working with a gang of criminals, her only family in truth, for a few years now. Her latest mission turns out to be a trap, and she is taken captive by cultists of an ancient evil known as The Fathomless Depth. Her soul will be sacrificed to appease this mysterious deity, unless she can escape her shackles. Piru, the 5th archdemon of hell has been trying to tempt Taru into a deal with him for many years. Now, in order to escape the cultists, Taru finds herself finally pledging her body to the demon. The demon’s demands make her head spin…​

Developer: FlimsyLegs
File Size: 50.6 MB
Version: 0.1.0
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added a new scene with Piru in hell, possible to reach from Chapter 1 “would you like a taste” and Chapter 2 end (if concubine, and did not accept the taste in Chapter 1)
  • Added Chapter 2 – The Opportunity. This is a flashback chapter, 3 months earlier, that follows the gang. Focus is on Erika, Astrid and Taru.
  • Added a better tutorial to the game’s combat system, with screenshots. Combat can still be skipped, if you did not read the tutorial, or simply do not care for it.
  • Added an option to permanently disable combat in the Config Menu
  • The story now has roughly 150 passages, 28 000 words. (previously 14 000)
  • There are two sex scenes in the game, both can be missed depending on your choices.
  • Added 15 tracks of music to the game. Credit and huge thank you to the amazing Abstraction for creating the tracks and letting me use his music in my game! If you like the tunes, head on over to and browse his massive library of music! NOTE: Abstraction is not associated with Taru’s Infernal Pledge in any way.
  • Added music volume control option in the Config Menu
  • Added 9 AI generated scene images to enhance the feel of the story
  • Added an option to toggle image visibility on/off in the Config Menu
  • Fixed about 100 spelling mistakes in the original Chapter 1
  • Added a very tiny “Chapter 3 Teaser” at the end of Chapter 2

Developer Notes:

  • In version 0.0.1, only Chapter 1 has been written. Everything in this version is subject to changes. Like my other games, it will feature bdsm and bondage, but unlike my other games that will not be the main focus. Also unlike my other games, I will only be offering this game as a downloadable version, as the browser version optimization takes away from the development time. In the future, I may create an optimized browser version as well.
  • Credits:
    : FlimsyLegs
    Art: The limited art (cover art, icons in the combat system) have been generated using AI tools. Map of Jaerwik and Valkama have been generated using free online fantasy map creation tools.
  • Join the Animus Non Grata discord and discuss Taru’s Infernal Pledge in the dedicated sub-channel:
  • If you want to support this game and buy me a coffee, consider giving a donation when you download it from Keep in mind that this is a very early version of the game.

Game Images & Screenshots


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