SunSity [v2.25] By SunSity

SunSity [v2.25] By SunSity

SunSity Games released a new game called SunSity and the version is 2.25. The game’s story is about Our game is not a familiar visual novel. This is an erotic sandbox with survival elements. The game is actively developing and it will depend on you what it will be in the final.​

Developer: SunSity
File Size: 1.17 GB
Version: 2.25
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

SunSity 2.20 changelog:

  • Completion of the quest – “The inevitable ending”.
  • New missionary pose in the love branch. Unlocks after completing the quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • Added new sleep mechanics.
  • Replacing half of the fantasy faces with more detailed ones.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.10 changelog:

  • Start of a new quest “The inevitable ending”.
  • The ability to spank a girl has been added to touching.
  • Added information marker – shows the presence of NPCs in the location.
  • Accessing x-ray glasses is now easier, directly from the NPC interaction menu.
  • Gym spying now continues in the locker room (if a camera is installed in the locker room).
  • A new set of clothes (aprons) has been added to the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Megan – “Hotbox”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.05 changelog:

  • Completed the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • A new action – FFM threesome, opens after completing the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • Most of the backgrounds have been replaced.
  • new activity is peep on girls running around the park.
  • A new set of faces has been added to the Editor (nose, mouth, eyes for all body types).
  • Replaced faces in fantasy stories.
  • Added fantasy story with IU – “Film Festival Fun”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 2.00 changelog:

  • Continuation of the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • New action – “lesbo sex” that opens during the quest “On the benefits of tests”.
  • The end of the event with the mask (3 last events) is sex in three different positions.
  • Events with voyeurism on the beach have been completed (sex at the end is now possible).
  • New 5-piece clothing set for the Editor.
  • Added fantasy story with Carol– “Wingman”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

SunSity 1.95 changelog:

  • New interaction with girls. Unlocked when buying a mask from a dealer. At the moment, 11 actions have been implemented from a kiss to a blowjob. To start harassing, you need to click on the mask on the screen (the mask must be in inventory).
  • Quest requirements are now shown in the quest description.
  • New character – Roxie.
  • New set – panties for the Editor.
  • · Added fantasy story with Sabrina – “Wolves, You and I”.
  • Fixed several bugs.

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