Summoned by Accident [v24.05.23] By Team Zorro

Team Zorro Games released a new game called Summoned by Accident and the version is 24.05.23. The game’s story is about What Is SbArPg? Summoned by Accident is an RPG focused mainly on m/m content with a character-driven plot. In it, you explore and run into inhabitants of the world. Some friendly, some foe. Inspired by other text-based games and some videos.​

Developer: Team Zorro
File Size: 361.3 MB
Version: 24.05.23
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Version 24.05.23

  • The CV Arena has been seeing new traffic flow! Time to go out and meet the people who’s wandering around now.
  • Boona, who’s been hard at work waiting for the festivities to start is now joining in! Why not join him and see what you two can come up with for a creation?
  • Kewtiz needs to get ready for competition soon and he’ll need his loyal minion to help him his mission! Don’t be the reason why he ends up as the loser!
  • As a requirement for all popular competitors, Phantom has to go and do fan meet ups! Of course, he hates how he has to do group play, but maybe someone he’s training for later will help him~
  • After getting stuck on security, Chase has been seen around the arena. He’ll gladly have someone help him pass the time. Especially, if they’re cute little kitties looking for fun~
  • If you’re feeling brave, there’s someone named Robin who’s been out giving free rides. It’s dangerous to accept those though outside of the safety of the public paid for rides.
  • For those who signed a contract with him, Nocturnal is now at the arena doing his public job. He might use you, but as per his side of the contract…
  • Matt has to do some sales around the arena and is looking for someone to help kill the time in between meetings. Why not help him? You might learn a thing or two, and if you two have really been close, he might offer something to you.
  • A cop in the arena?! Zeek is a new mall cop and he’s looking for a partner in crime! Maybe if you learn a thing or two from him, he’ll invite you to do on other duties with him?
  • Hearing the competition starting up soon and newbies can enter, Maddox has been itching to show off who’s the top dog around town! Why not see if you can help him figure out what he can do what others can’t to give him that edge in combat!
  • There’s a cop at the club?! For what?! And why have a weird name like Kill’Rok? Better go see what’s going on. It might save you some trouble for later…
  • Bianchi has a transformation sequence! Check it out during the MSQ where he’s trying to save poor Mac from his students!
  • + more back ground fixes done.

Developer Notes:

What’s The Game About?
You play as a visitor to the world who’s trapped here till you can get a way back home. Luckily, your first encounter is with a short blue fox that seems to have the hook up. Able to get you a place to stay and even allows you to explore the city till your heart’s content. Meeting plenty of inhabitants of this world and learning the similarities and differences of the two. Take care! You just might not be able to return to your own when the time comes.

What Do You Do In The Game?
Explore the city you find yourself living in and make friends with people are so willing. Learn the differences of what goes on when the sun is up and when the sun is down. Find and discover parts of the city you like and things you want to avoid. Even ask your newly acquired friends to teach you a thing or two, just remember when one agrees, you can’t have anyone else do the same. Basically, when you do one thing with someone, you might miss out on another with someone else. Experience what you want… For the ish part. Discover events that unlock kinks, among other things, and find events and battles throughout the city. Or don’t and don’t notice that they’re going on around you.

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