Strip Club Wars [v0.5f] By Total Fluke Studios

Total Fluke Studios Games released a new game called Strip Club Wars and the version is 0.5f. The game’s story is about You have inherited an old building that used to be a restaurant/bar and you have some money to restore it. You want to use it to open a new strip club. But the city laws don’t allow it and it may be hard to find willing workers so you will start as a simple bar. Along the way you must balance your time and money to build your business while convincing the powers that be to give you the freedom to offer the services you and your customers want. While at the same the getting as many girls as possible to want to work for you (and more). And to complicate matters there’s 4 other clubs that are trying the same thing and will want to succeed at your expense!

Developer: Total Fluke Studios
File Size: 84.6 MB
Version: 0.5f
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Version 0.5f – Major changes:

  • Continuation of the college sibling story line
  • Improvements to the 3-some scenes
  • Added more consistency to NPC responses
  • Fixed issues caused by starting new games/loading old saves in middle of another game
  • Misc performance improvements
  • Many bug fixes, full list in change log posted in the thread

Developer Notes:

search for other similar games that led me to create this game. This is the first release of the game. It’s an early release but the game is functional and playable. I’m putting out this version now to hopefully get feedback and gauge interest in this type of game. The install file comes with 150 character images, additional ones will be added as separate downloads in the coming weeks.

Most of the game mechanics are in place and the game content is sufficient to last 18-24 months of game time. For the next release I’ll concentrate on adding more content and story lines to the game and fixing bugs. At this time it’s Windows only, but a Mac version will be coming soon. The game is built with plans to be easily modable, in terms of being able to add more content to it without rebuilding the base game. All the scenes and dialogs are defined via data files that are not built into the executable and will be able to be swapped out and/or augmented. These files can be changed right now but there’s no system in place to not lose those changes on future updates.

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