Shagternate Reality [v0.2.3] By Piftee

Piftee Games released a new game called Shagternate Reality and the version is 0.2.3. The game’s story is about You found yourself in an alternate reality surrounded with all kinds of girls. Six of them currently, but more will come that’s for sure. They’re horny, because haven’t seen a man in a long time. How you get there, and why is your head is missing, is currently unknown. You can freely roam around, switch pose camera angles and talk with them. The game is still in early version, i need to improve it a lot.​

Developer: Piftee
File Size: 1.06 GB
Version: 0.2.3
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


This is mostly sex animations and combat remake update. If i can make them better later, then i’ll make more changes again.

  • Instead of one sex animation i made four for each scene. Four, because after the “Cum” is finished, the “AfterCum” will be played automatically. The old sex animations aren’t forgotten, i will rework most of them, but this is much more work then before.
  • Added lots of new 3D sounds, mostly for sex scenes. Headphones recommended.
  • Added new girls to have fun with: Jessie, Hush, Tasque. Tasque is a question mark, not sure i’ll keep her for later updates, had some problems with her. Jessie and Hush are fun to work with.
  • Added Kill Counter. You need to kill X amount of enemies to unlock the sex scenes. The amount required is visible on the red hearts in camps.
  • Removed the spell casting attack and the filling red heart from the enemies, they have weapons now: can be melee or ranged. Reworked old and made new animations for enemies.
  • Enemies and loot have a respawn timer (10 mins). If the player dies or enters a camp with the checkpoint, the respawn timer will be set to 0. Loot remains unchanged. The enemy types you encounter are random: can be only melee or only ranged, or mixes.
  • Using new player male model … with head. Remade the animations for him, not only for combat but for sex too.
  • Made few chilling/idling animations for girls. More will be made for the next update.
  • Added basic save and quit function. If you come back later your kill count, ammo and hp you had and previously activated teleporters will be loaded, so you can fast travel between camps and you don’t need to grind kills again if you had enough to unlock all poses, and now just want to rewatch the animations. Note that your last position is not saved for now, you’ll be placed before the first camp.
  • Made some text and menu changes.
  • Slight improvement on enemy ragdolls (less shaky) but i aware that weirdness can happen on some body parts. If i can, i’ll try to improve for next update.

Developer Notes:

The models aren’t made by me, i have a thank for these people in my game splash screen, and on my patreon.

Game Images & Screenshots


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