Selara [Update 6] By Sacred Sage

Sacred Sage Games released a new game called Selara and the version is Update 6. The game’s story is about main story takes place eighty years after leaving Earth when you wake up from cryostasis in the middle of a mutiny. You are the new Commander of a ship called The Herald. As the story progress, it will be up to you to save humanity while also earning the trust of your crew members. Your inner circle consists of an A.I. your squad leader and team leader, a medical scientist, and a mechanic/engineer. As the story progress, you realize that a mutiny is the least of your worries. Your food and water supply is damaged and needs to be repaired. While the human population is also dwindling. It’s up to you to navigate and lead your remaining people to prosperity.​

Developer: Sacred Sage
File Size: 2.65 GB
Version: Update 6
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Update 6: N/A

Developer Notes:

There are no wrong choices in Selara. Also you can’t succeed every choice you make. You will fail them depending on stats. That is not a bad thing though. You never know what will come from a failed attempt, you may like that outcome better. This will not be a harem game like my last game or a sandbox. It’s a story driven VN with some freeroam portions. I do have some planned kinks but they can be bypassed. Some of them will include love interest humiliation, piss, tentacle, male domination, female domination, and threesomes with 2 females and MC. There is no NTR, any sharing will be with another girl in a threesome relationship which will also be choice based. If you want to see some of the mechanics of Selara you can find it here. All voices are A.I generated but the whole game is fully voiced. 

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