Rogschard, Lords and Loyalty [v1.0.0.1] By Nranchs

Nranchs Games released a new game called Rogschard, Lords, and Loyalty and the version is The game’s story is about They say great leaders are born, not made. You wouldn’t know, you can barely afford rent, let alone rule anything. But all of that changes the day you accidentally resurrect the greatest monster guild, 15 years after its mysterious disappearance.​

Developer: Nranchs
File Size: 42.6 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details


  • Added a new quest, Comprehending the batty bat
  • Added new Primilla dialog
  • Added two new Primilla adult scenes
  • Added two new offspring species
  • Added a couple new icons
  • Added two species exclusive skills
  • Added three new rings
  • Added four rough terrain types
  • Added equipment details to items on map
  • Added various new bits of hidden loot to the map
  • Added midboss fight against Toeëater
  • Summon based enemy attacks now summon the enemies on a nearby random tile, instead of the tile the enemy is standing on
  • Fixed a bug where female NPCs would get pregnant with scenes using dildos etc.
  • Fixed game error of vaginal pregnancy.
  • Fixed hornspore cluster getting nonsensical pregnancy
  • Fixed generic NPC pregnancy portrait not showing up
  • Fixed max orgasms not being displayed in equipment slug
  • Fixed bug where multiple NPC pregnancies did not display a portrait
  • The movement system has been updated to allow for terrain that requires certain skills to cross
  • Typos have been fixed (due to the generous contributions of Aerial Mr. Jade, RadTad)

Game Images & Screenshots


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