Renamon VS Creatures [v0.06.6] By TrapKnight

TrapKnight Games released a new game called Renamon VS Creatures and the version is 0.06.6. The game’s story is about A lewd 18+ game that the developer decided to try to make after playing games like “Grove” as mostly a proof of concept for himself and his friends. As this is his first time using rpg maker, there will be a lot of bugs and inconsistencies.​

Developer: TrapKnight
File Size: 195.3 MB
Version: 0.06.6
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

EDIT 6.6:

  • A number of people were asking for mac version i think? so yeah theres one of those now, i have no idea if it has weird bugs or not that the windows version does not, youre on your own with those.
  • Added a scene and a variant for said scene to the rena town inn. bought by story teller
  • reduced value of rena teammate items to 0
  • made some renovations on the town homes for some potential additons
  • fixed game over upon entering digivice with mc rena being knocked out
  • should now be unable to leave rena town through main entrance without collecting your party members
  • spelling errors
  • fixed gallery slime game over not removing the image from the screen
  • various gallery things didnt have options, now they do
  • slightly changed the tiling in the puzzle room because people need more help
  • fixed visual issue after losing the tent battle in the rena town

Developer Notes:

  • From the developer verbatim:
  • I know there are no animations that play over your characters i couldnt figure out how to get that to work without doing it all manually so i just never did it and now im in too deep to change it so they never will.
  • To work on mobile devices the game as far as i know, requires the help of a program that can emulate rpgmaker such as “joiplay”
  • I dont intend to redraw the art at any point, its meant to be simple and easy so i dont lose the drive to keep working on the game.
  • You can try to carry over your save from a previous version to a newer one but you should ASSUME THAT SAVES WILL NEVER CARRY OVER because of how much i change every update. You can just use the crystal at the start of the game which will give you levels, gold, items, and access to the teleporter.
  • I feel like i should add a little disclaimer here, i have absolutely no plans for the game. Im entirely winging it by how i feel at any moment.
  • Its my first attempt and im surprised im still interested in making content for it this far in. i was prepared for it to die a week or two in. Im still prepared for my interest to die at a moments notice, so if you do decide to throw money at me to see the game get more content it is very appreciated, but also keep that in mind.

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