Princess & Conquest [v0.17 Frosty]


Princess & Conquest [v0.17 Frosty] [Towerfag]

Princess & Conquest is a hybrid RPG game where you, the Knight, will have to decide the fortunes of a Kingdom, plunged into chaos after a certain “incident”!

The sudden disappearance of a powerful dragon is the spring for a series of events that have brought chaos to the Kingdom!

Updated: 2020-12-22
Release Date: 2019-11-17
Developer: Towerfag  Website
Censored: No
Version: 0.17 Frosty
OS: Windows, Linux
Language: English
Store: – Steam

North you’ll find the cheatstone which is a floating crystal where you place the code.

120828 -> Randomize/De-randomize Princesses and Soldiers
126696 -> Change Season
945933 -> Change weather to your liking
886878 -> Set Merchant Princess location
271836 -> Make all Princesses pregnant
516635 -> Toggle ON/OFF Max Fertility for all the Princesses
386781 -> Unlock every animations
384349 -> Kingdom: TOTAL WAR!
862957 -> Diplomacy reset
658265 -> Peaceful Kingdom~
677489 -> Reach max level with the “Knights INC.”
708002 -> +10 to all stats to the party’s leader
227549 -> -10 to all stats to the party’s leader
361645 -> Relationship with all the Princesses to 5
421862 -> Relationship with all the Princesses to 0
424887 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 10
161225 -> Affinity with all the Reigns to 0
179669 -> Access CANDY cheat menu
101188 -> Access Bank CANDY cheat menu
772243 -> Get all the dowries!
713848 -> Get all Resistances (Poison, Heat, Cold, Diving)
619169 -> Get a series of delicacies from the Kingdom (10x)
478379 -> Make all Princesses succubi
712674 -> Make all Princesses THICC
902238 -> Revert all Princesses to their starting weight

v0.17 Frosty

  1. Additions and changes:
  2. * Chillbite Blessing will take place somewhere in the Northern Islands every ingame night from 12/22 to 01/06
  3. * Chillbite Blessing will take place somewhere in the Northern Islands every ingame last week of the year
  4. * New costume added! “Cozy Rootdweller” for Kobold Princess and Progeny
  5. * New costume added! “Arctic Angler” for Human Princess and Progeny
  6. * New costume added! “Fruity Frost” for Slime Princess and Progeny
  7. * New costume added! “Fanged Automata” for Golem Princess and Progeny
  8. * New costume added! “ChillProof Vest (XS)” for Insect Princess and Progeny
  9. * New costume added! “Chillbite Spirit” for Skeleton Princess and Progeny
  10. * New costume added! “Snow Fashionista” for Desert Princess and Progeny
  11. * New costume added! “Yukinba” for Ghost Princess and Progeny
  12. * New costume added! “Lich’s Little Helper” for Goblin Princess and Progeny
  13. * New costume added! “Festive Night” for Moth Princess and Progeny
  14. * New costume added! “Nekomono” for Cat Princess and Progeny
  15. * New costume added! “Fenrawr” for Dog Princess and Progeny
  16. * New costume added! “QT-SNO-8849” for Mouse Princess and Progeny
  17. * New costume added! “Furry Resort” for Rabbit Princess and Progeny
  18. * New costume added! “Krampus Suit” for Harvest Princess and Progeny
  19. * New costume added! “Frigid Dream” for Wyvern Princess, Dragon Princesses and Progeny
  20. * New costume added! “Frozen Jewel” for Finhead Princess and Progeny
  21. * New costume added! “Campus-Lwyd” for Mermaid Princess and Progeny
  22. * New costume added! “Silky Mittens” for Drider Princess and Progeny
  23. * New costume added! “Frost Priestess” for Lamia Princess and Progeny
  24. * New costume added! “Ice Floes” for Crystal Princess and Progeny
  25. * New costume added! “Mistletoe Fairy” for Fairy Princess and Progeny
  26. * New costume added! “‘Unwrap Me’” for Mimic Princess
  27. * Added “A Day of Giving” Achievement
  28. * Added “Chilly Queen” Achievement
  29. * Slime Princess SUCC NSFW animation #1!
  30. * Added new icons for many old items (Lost Shipment, Reptilian Scale, Reptilian Tooth, Moth’s Dust, Plump Helmets, Wish Wisp, Ghost Ashes, Queen Praline)
  31. * Added new status: “Chillbite Blessing”
  32. * New weapon added: Freezing Whip
  33. * New weapon added: Chillbite Fist
  34. * New armor added: Iceberg Armor
  35. * New armor added: Chillbite Crown
  36. * Fairy Princess can now be dressed up
  37. * Dragon Princess II’s ice can now be broken with any ice-resisting equipment/status
  38. * Succubus/Satyr Desert Progeny now have their own class name
  39. * Succubus Progeny can now interact with the Love Machine you can build in the Chapel
  40. Fixes:
  41. * Missing Spookfest dialogue for Insects
  42. * Double nun veil being shown on Sea Dragons
  43. * Wrong headgear placing for some Fairy Progeny
  44. * Wrong ear placing for some Rabbit Progeny
  45. * Wrong horn color for some Kobold Progeny
  46. * DIY Wyvern and DIY Shark can now be used on Princesses’ mannequins
  47. * Donating Cogs to R-005TY and selecting 0 won’t work anymore
  48. * Aleph Stone missing sprite
  49. * Duplicate Princess sprite sticking near the log at the Campsite after a scene is over
  50. * Ghost costumes sometimes ending up over the front hair
  51. * Skeleton Princess love-y naked portrait swapped with a SpookFest one
  52. * The Forge Menu now reacts better to inputs
  53. * Vesta’s Forge crashing if opened after interacting with other forges
  54. * Crashes when interacting with the Succubi at night in the Chapel
  55. * Slime Princess animations menu crashes
  56. * Most statuses sticking to characters after going to NG+
  57. * “Chonger” enemies not attacking
  58. * Skeleton Princess’ “Killing Wish” causing crashes when using ranged skills
  59. * Various typos and minor bugs
3.2/5 (10 Reviews)

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  1. hey, help me please, i downloaded the game but he dont Open, He say.. RPGVXAce RTP is required to run this game, you can help me?