Pacifist Kunoichi Kikyo [v1.00] By nikukyu

nikukyu Games released a new game called Pacifist Kunoichi Kikyo and the version is 1.00. The game’s story is about “Kikyō,” a Kunoichi who lacks combat skills but excels in her unique ability – “sexual skills.” In order to accomplish her mission, she must infiltrate the enemy group. Can you help Kikyo successfully fulfill her mission?​

Developer: nikukyu
File Size: 223.0 MB
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Developer Notes:

Set in the early Meiji era, Japan takes its first steps towards modernization as a nation. However, discontented individuals such as samurais, ninjas, and kunoichis, who feel lost without war, are secretly gathering resources and weapons. They plan to infiltrate the government and spread the seeds of chaos. Unfortunately, they failed, resulting in the loss of many lives. At this critical moment, our protagonist, Kikyō, is assigned by the village head to investigate the situation. Despite being mocked by her peers for her weaker combat abilities compared to other Kunoichis, Kikyō is chosen for a important role. This is because she excels in the arts of acting and seduction, making her a skilled kunoichi. Alone, Kikyō ventures into the streets filled with uncertainty…

・non-battle RPGYou are a kunoichi with extremely poor combat abilities.
You can only rely on your skills in sex and acting to solve the incidents.

・Memory Mode
You can replay various H events that you have already seen in the game.

・Lose rape:
When you fail, you can enjoy various different rape scenes.

  • kip dialogue option
  • Full-screen mode
  • Customizable keyboard/controller buttons
  • Hide dialogue box
  • Event replay
  • CG gallery

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