Orcslayers – Viewer Preview [v4] By Rexx

Rexx Games released a new game called Orcslayers – Viewer Preview and the version is 4. The game’s story is about A scene viewer where you can switch between 3 elven models and 2 orc models. (Placeholder)​

Developer: Rexx
File Size: 2.74 GB
Version: 4
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Know it took awhile, but the new build is finally ready to try out. To make up for the delay I spent a good chunk of the day practicing my UMG and made a little menu so people no longer have to always toggle through characters or animations. Just head to the top left to open when you want to change something.
  • The UI allows you to pick and choose which character and animation you want to load directly. You can also control the speed of the animation using the small scroll bar next to the title, or hit the CUM button to play my cum code from previous builds. Next to the character headers are four little icons which control hair, outfit, skin, and eyes.
  • Be aware that NOT ALL CHARACTERS HAVE OPTIONS, so it’s not broken if you keep hitting the skin button and nothing actually changes. If you want total freedom, pick the CUSTOM character, who has (almost) all the options as standard, though be prepared for some MAJOR issues like clipping and such. Still need to copy morphs over to most of the clothing.
  • Other then the UI, I moved most of the toggle options over to the number pad, so if you still want to toggle through the old way, you can. 123 controls the female character, hair, and clothing. 456 does the male characters options. You can hit 0 to toggle through animations and the plus and minus button can alter speed.
  • Lastly, I have added an experimental body preset changer. You can alter the female body shape by hitting PAGE DOWN and the male body shape using PAGE UP. There are four preset pure shapes and the rest are just the character shapes, which you can mix into the existing characters shape to change it up a bit. This function is still experimental.
  • Due to the change to the way I load characters, a few other actors types lost their bodies. I removed the cinematic actors for the time being while I properly retrofit them, but one I totally spaced on was the playable model in the playground. You now are just disembodies clothes. As I didn’t notice this till I was uploading, I won’t be able to fix till next build.
  • Some of the sound mixing isn’t the best. Been trying to figure out a way to level out all the sounds as some sounds are great and others sound great when testing only to be either too quiet or too loud when put into the scene.
  • Anyways I am tired so I am getting some sleep. Hope the new build is enjoyable.

New Map : Prison

Can be reached through the new door. While I get it developed, I made the doors themselves have no collision, so you can just walk through them to go inside each cell.

New Animations and Characters
Though still rough, I added a few more characters to the build and some rough animations. Check them out using the functions from the last build.

Photo Mode Improvements
While not much has changed, I made it so when you exit photo mode it will save your settings in the game itself. This allows one to customize the feel of the whole game. Sadly does not save between levels yet, but I am trying.

Style Presets
Just hit the =/+ key to cycle through a few styles. It’s mainly previous styles I have considered before landing on the current one. Figures people would enjoy the options.

Edit Mode
While in the playground area, hit the (T) key for a special RTS camera mode. This allows you to right click and move the actors in each scene somewhere else. This is a limited system right now, and can be buggy. If it does not like picking up or letting go, try to use clear double right clicks. It also has no boundary, so try not to fly off the maps.

Unlockable Characters
Each map has a lock sitting around somewhere. If you find a lock, stand almost on top of it, and hit (E), you will unlock a character. The characters are Samira, Miss Fortune, and Ahsoka Tano. This function does save between levels but does not save on closing, so you will need to unlock again when you start up. Hope to fix that someday soon.

v1.7 Alpha
Initial Release


Activate Scene, get get close enough for them to be highlighted. In the playground map can also be used to turn off or on some of the torches.

Q / Z
Hold to speed up or slow down the animation.

Cycle through characters. Hold shift to alter orc.

Cycle through various levels of their core outfit. Hold shift to alter orc.

Only when in control of Sivana during playground, alters camera between three states.

Say a voice line. Hold shift and click for the orc to say his. Lorian is the only one right now with unique voice lines, the others are using some NPC dialogue placeholders.

Starts up the extra little “Inner Dialogue” display that will from time to time appear with what they might be thinking. Right now it runs randomly off a string for all three girls, but later on hope to have unique thoughts per girl. Only appears while in active scene.

Cycles through the animations.

Activates “Advanced” Mode while in a scene. Hold shift when you click it to also pause the action. This mode also works while in control of Sivana in the playground, but only in a paused format.

< / >
Yes comma and period, trying to figure out better combo that does not clash with everything that uses the arrows. When in the viewer can be used to rotate the scene figures. If you hold shift you can rotate the key camera around them, and if you hold control you can increase or decrease the intensity of the key camera.

Various scroll wheel stuff
It does the normal camera move when not holding a key. Hold shift when scrolling to move up and down, hold alt to change the focus length. Only works in Simple Mode, and Advanced Mode uses it’s own methods of moving around.

Game Images & Screenshots


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