Omnilord [v0.120f] By TheOtherYuggoth

TheOtherYuggoth Games released a new game called Omnilord and the version is 0.120f. The game’s story is about Exploring the world to conquer everything! Make new slaves friends! Build a harem-loving family! Become Omnilord Slime! Your journey begins as you awaken in the primordial sludge of a new world, your responsibilities are great, and your ambition is fathomless, conquering and unite the disparate peoples of the world of Arcassa. Bring order to this chaotic realm through guile and power, create clones of yourself, breed minions, and investigate the mysteries of the Neath, Nether, and Surface of this wayward land.​

Developer: TheOtherYuggoth
File Size: 147 MB
Version: 0.120f
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added three more accessory slots for characters to use.
  • Fixed bugged Bodkin arrow accessory item.
  • Changed the way Niza pregnancy advances to be more canonical to demon pregnancies; each time you have sex with her while she is pregnant, it will advance her pregnancy 1 stage out of 3.
  • Redesigned the Penumbra Worm story, to be less boring, and to provide better insight into the backstory of Omni.

Developer Notes:

Planned Content not yet included: Incest with adult daughters, Furry sex with demonic Anthros, and Exploration with Combat, Artwork and CG.

Game Images & Screenshots


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