Omnilord [v0.116a] By TheOtherYuggoth

TheOtherYuggoth Games released a new game called Omnilord and the version is 0.116a. The game’s story is about Exploring the world to conquer everything! Make new slaves friends! Build a harem-loving family! Become Omnilord Slime! Your journey begins as you awaken in the primordial sludge of a new world, your responsibilities are great, and your ambition is fathomless, conquering and unite the disparate peoples of the world of Arcassa. Bring order to this chaotic realm through guile and power, create clones of yourself, breed minions, and investigate the mysteries of the Neath, Nether, and Surface of this wayward land.​

Developer: TheOtherYuggoth
File Size: 133.48 MB
Version: 0.116a
OS: Windows, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added three new investigations.
  • First Investigation added unlocks a quest to uncover a kidnapping crime ring.
  • Second Investigation added unlocks a quest to uproot the Themis Thieves Guild.
  • Third Investigation added unlocks a quest to shut down a local drug operation, as the player hunts for the mysterious Heisenschmerg!
  • Added one new sex scene for Heisenchmerg investigation.
  • Added a new patrol system for after Themis City investigations are completed.
  • Each patrol is randomly generated from a list of 10 different events.
  • Each patrol can increase a varying degree of security for the city of Themis, upto a maximum of 100 points.


  • Fixed Omni Sanctum production errors (prevented certain materials from being refined or manufactured.)
  • Fixed Niza being available before meeting.
  • Added Daughters Underneath exploration (Mushroom forest is all that is available at the moment.)
  • Created eight new randomly selected maps with random generated features and enemies.
  • Created four unique locations to explore and clear (later development of said locations will be an option.)
  • Created three unique classes with four unique enemies to fight in order to level up (Levels temporarily maxed out at level 30, more coming soonish).
  • Added new resources to be collected (will later lead to utilising said resources.)
  • Created a whole new menu for the player to manage Omni Sanctum manufacturing and sales (merchant quest can now be completed as error in quest notes fixed.

Developer Notes:

Planned Content not yet included: Incest with adult daughters, Furry sex with demonic Anthros, and Exploration with Combat, Artwork and CG.

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