NTR Room [v1.014] By Midori no Teikoku

Midori no Teikoku Games released a new game called NTR Room and the version is 1.014. The game’s story is about A handsome transfer student declares that he will cuckold everyone’s girlfriends in class on the first day at his new school, and as his classmates’ girlfriends are cuckolded, he wonders if his own girlfriend is safe… Anxiety, doubt, and frustration… NTR (cuckoldry) selective adventure game You will not know the truth on the first play… The accumulation of questions and circumstantial evidence may reveal the truth. The truth may be revealed through the accumulation of questions and circumstantial evidence. The door to the truth may open in the next playthrough as you accumulate evidence through your choices. Questions and evidence are based on a point system, and if the accumulation of questions and evidence is insufficient … the truth will never be known. Will you be able to know the truth?​

Developer: Midori no Teikoku
File Size: 995.3 MB
Version: 1.014
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Images & Screenshots


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