Night Shift [v0.01a] By Urban Fiction Studios

Urban Fiction Studios Games released a new game called Night Shift and the version is 0.01a. The game’s story is about Two young men’s lives are about to change forever as they agree to turn to a life of crime, both for personal reasons. One is a young black male, fresh out on probation, the other a young white college dropout. After tragedy strikes, they find themselves managing a strip club, along with developing a drug empire while meeting plenty of personalities along the way.​

Developer: Urban Fiction Studios
File Size: 989.8 MB
Version: 0.01a
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

  • Yes, there are two main characters. We have two writers on our team and we took this route so no one’s talent is limited.
    There is a GUI update in the plans that involves a navigation/map system .
    MUSIC. Yes, we are aware that the music cuts off. It is intentional and a way to let our audience decide if they’d like music in future updates.
    Some of the art may be a little “inconsistent” in the first update. Unfortunately, one of our main artists passed away earlier this year. Instead of scrapping his art, we decided to keep it.
    This is ONE half of the update. The other update will release within 2 weeks..
    There is a BUNCH of content that is already completed and will soon be added.
  • THANKS FOR PLAYING OUR GAME. It goes unsaid, but this was extremely expensive to make. Please visit our Patreon and support if you like the game, and if monetary support isn’t an option then please like and share! Spread the word! Buckle up and enjoy this ride.
    Save Menu (Will be updated with GUI update.)
    Art/Renders(See message above)
    Bug on scene with Barbie (barbie tempt2)
    Selecting “Put Tyler In His Place” option seems to send game into loop.

Game Images & Screenshots


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