Mystic Valley [v0.18.0] By Mucski

Mucski Games released a new game called Mystic Valley and the version is 0.18.0. The game’s story is about Your mother dying when you were very young, and your father disappeared without a trace when you were 15. You were living in orphanages, when all hopes were lost, you got a mysterious offer … to move in a mansion with 5 beautiful girls.​

Developer: Mucski
File Size: 687.5 MB
Version: 0.18.0
OS: Windows, Linux, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 1 new Luna scene with animation and multiple steps.
  • 1 new Zoe scene with custom animation.
  • 1 new Amy scene.
  • Added a max level block, you will not be able to level the girls past their max levels on any conventional way, and if you do it’s on you
  • All girls that are above max level will be reset to max level uppon loading your saves.
  • Fixed an issue where in the Cafe it said $21 but you paid 16 or vice versa.
  • Fixed an issue where Zoe’s level 8 hint wasn’t updating correctly as per week waited.
  • Updated walkthrough.
  • Updated patron list.
  • Android version now has a proper icon and pre-splash image.
  • Added 1 more wallpaper to $7 tier and above.
  • Now you can open multiple lottery tickets if you have them in your inventory.
  • Player hint will now display “you should focus on ava and zoe” instead of “No hints available yet”.
  • Removed the camera cutout from both phone (hints and map).
  • Fixed a bug related to cheats.
  • The player will now only complain about coffee or coke being too expensive once per playthrough.
  • You can no longer access Zoe’s room before you finish the introduction.

Developer Notes:

First off I would like to apologize for the long delayed update, and lack of MASSIVE ammount of content, I am working on a broken laptop in pretty bad circumstances, also had to get the game on its feet, ground work is very important in my opinion, and once done the rest should be easier.

Also would like to apologize for having to reset your “saves” once more, this is the last time (unless I forgot a stat but I don’t think so). Do not bother loading your old saves, it will error out.

Game Images & Screenshots


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