My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep [v0.6.2] By dodongamagnifico

dodongamagnifico Games released a new game called My Maid Dreams of Electric Sheep and the version is 0.6.2. The game’s story is about “Why must I live if I can’t feel happiness after achieving my lifetime dreams? Why must I live if I can’t get angry after being treated unfairly?” In a world that treats emotions as a disease, a man decides to end himself and writes a bizarre yet simple bucket list. It’s up to your choice whether he’ll fulfill his bucket list and put an end to his story or find a reason to live another day.

Developer: dodongamagnifico
File Size: 1.68 GB
Version: 0.6.2
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added 4 new main events
  • Added 2 new repeatable H-events for Ako (Reverse cowgirl, matingpress)
  • Added 3 new expression sets for Ako
  • Added mouth rental H for Uemura
  • Added vagina rental H for Uemura
  • Added a bad ending for Uemura story line
  • Added a new location (Unmanned store)
  • Added a new craftable for woodcrafting
  • Added a minigame for woodcrafting
  • Added sound for rental H-events
  • Added scene gallery
  • Added new cheatcodes (iveseeneverything, tempfix, shesallmine)
  • Updated multiple scenes with improved lighting & character model
  • Players can now quit factory job
  • Key items are now free or way cheaper
  • Reworked woodcrafting system
  • Reworked story progression system (Less grind)
  • Reworked interactions with Uemura
  • Remade breast, hand, anal rental H-scenes
  • Removed armpit rental H (Replaced with mouth)
  • Removed expression, powerlevel control from the OS menu
  • Removed resting
  • Fixed and event not triggering
  • Fixed wrong background music being played
  • Fixed chair crafting
  • Fixed workthrough showing wrong guides for Uemura events
  • Pressing Leave in the factory work minigame will return you to the work choice menu
  • Fixed wrong item tags for wooden rabbits
  • Fixed well-made finished chair could be sold infinetely
  • Fixed bookshop woodcrafting book progression
  • Fixed the bug where players couldn’t leave the factory
  • Fixed the bug where players could not pay for the digestive module
  • Fixed wrong font tag for Uemura
  • Fixed wrong menu name for the unmanned store drink menu

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