Living with Tsunade [v0.38] By Bitawastaken

Bitawastaken Games released a new game called Living with Tsunade and the version is 0.38. The game’s story is about Naruto can no longer pay the rent, as he has a very large debt for not paying previous months and is going to be evicted. Tsunade owes Naruto money, but she lost it at the casino, so seeing herself out of options, Tsunade invites him to live with her until he can pay his rent again. Tsunade, being a very disorganized person, sees an opportunity to exploit Naruto, as she uses him for everyday tasks, trying to squeeze every last drop out of him for her own benefit… and she’s not the only one in the village who will do it.​

Developer: Bitawastaken
File Size: 632.1 MB
Version: 0.38
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New quest for Tsunade :”Risky fragment”
    New shared quests for Tsunade and Shizune: “Does she like TV?” and “A bathing partner”
    Quest updated for Tsunade: “Aphrodisiac is the way”
    Quest updated for Jiraiya: “The real training”
    1 sneak peak for an upcoming event at Tsunade’s room
    New place: Tsunade’s room
    1 new animation (16F)
    1 new item added
    1 new level of mischievous
    1 new level of lockpicking
    36 images in total (without counting animation)
  • Edit
    Now you can lvl up lock picking from cheats
    Mischievous removed from cheats it break the game (bug)
    Add some quest items to cheats, but beware when you use it.
    Fixed an issue with Jiraiya journal on the last part of his quest.

Game Images & Screenshots

Saves from previous version (0.37) may work



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