Kaedama [v0.0.5] By Kaeru

Kaeru Games released a new game called Kaedama and the version is 0.0.5. The game’s story is about Enter the halls of Kaedama Private Academy: an all-girls private school that strives to help her students become confident, independent, and ready to face the challenges and obstacles of adult life. Take on the mantle of Class 3-B’s new teacher and join the seventeen students as they stumble their way through their journies of self-discovery, experiencing the ups and downs of friendship, drama, and romance. Perhaps you could be there to lend an ear? Offer some advice? Or maybe provide a little extracurricular support?

Embrace your new role, learn to love the eclectic mix of girls, and maybe… just maybe… set their hearts aflutter.Kaedama is a Visual Novel that is heavily dependent on player inputs. By using a unique player-based response system, you can reply in however you see fit. Be assertive, flirty, mean or whatever else springs to mind. Characters will remember your responses and depending on how nice you are you can make them laugh, angry or even fall for you.

Developer: Kaeru
File Size: 315.7 MB
Version: 0.0.5
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 250+ new/updated renders
  • 3 new scenes
  • Input system update.
  • My apologies, but save files from 0.0.4 won’t work properly anymore, so you’ll have to replay from the start.

Game Images & Screenshots


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