Just One More Chance [v0.25] By Lotrum

Just One More Chance [v0.25] By Lotrum

Lotrum Games released a new game called Just One More Chance and the version is 0.25. The game’s story is about This game wants to be a big and complex sanbox porn-game with character development that you can reset gaining starting bonuses. In this game you play as a desperate, virgin fat guy that in the future manages to become a test subject and gets back in time through a technologically evolving simulation and has a second chance to re-live his life in college, there will be several girls and woman with different level of challenge, different stories, and needing different approaches to seduce them all. SPOILER

Developer: Lotrum
File Size: 236 MB
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.2 (2023-11-27)
Version 0.2 changelog:
(new content)

  • Added a new event involving Natasha and Carol that triggers when you have sex with Carol for the first time and leads to various scenes (16 new scenes)
  • Added the possibility to have sex with natasha (12 new scenes) with a lot of different outcomes.
  • Added a new scene for Rose that starts from a blowjob request with high attraction (7 new scenes)
  • Added 4 new scenes and different outcomes to Carol “fuck again” option
  • Added oral sex to Susan’s options (3 new scenes)
  • Introduced a story for Melanie that allows you to start interacting with her
  • Added a blackmail option/path to Melanie that gets you access to a few specific scenes (5 scenes)
  • Introduced a new character (Katrina) with a brief introductive story (and nothing else for now)
  • Fixed Susan having the old portrait when in library and added a scene that will lead to another encounter in a future update

(gameplay and UI changes)

  • Re-coded all the menu links to be accessible from everywhere as a popup, you can now open and check them without changing page, and you can nagivate between different girls in “girls stats”.
  • Added masturbation and edging(req 30int) options to laptop as additional ways to handle lust, stress, and as a basic way to train sex control that requires Lust.
  • You will now retain 30% of your sexual skills upon restarting (sexual exp and control)
  • Lowered duration of lessons from 4 to 3 hour
  • Added a small energy consumption when helping Carol with homeworks
  • Slightly increased some starting bonuses for balancing
  • Added another step (70%) of mental stat retention purchasable with experience
  • Added a flat 1 point increase for confidence when socializing during lessons, reduced stress decrease from 2 to 1.
  • Renamed “Wait” buttons to “Relax” and added a small stress decrease
  • Changed the tone of grey to a darker one to be easier on the eyes

(bugfixes and adjustments)

  • Removed an old link from the intro section that potentially caused huge issues if clicked
  • Fixed unconsistent capitalization on image paths that caused issues in some operative systems
  • Added lust increases when Rose kisses you or shows you her tits
  • Fixed most (hopefully) capitalization typos from i to I
  • Fixed a bug that used 25 energy instead of 10 with rose
  • Fixed a bug that gave way more money than intended at restart
  • Fixed a bug where taking your dick out with natasha with low attraction caused to go directly to passout without showing the reason first.
  • Fixed a bug after passing a confidence check with Susan
  • Fixed a bug where a particular condition caused rose’s story to get blocked
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t correctly handle the 100 lust threshold
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes 2 events from rose would trigger at once
  • A LOT of other various minor bug fixes, inconsistency adjustments and grammar fixes

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

This is my very first attempt at developing a porn game, please be merciful as i’m still overwhelmed by most things and could need some help in figuring out all the things that i’m doing wrong

Game Images & Screenshots

Extra: Online Version

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