Influencing [v0.1.14.2] By Golden Crow

Golden Crow Games released a new game called Influencing and the version is The game’s story is about the power of affecting people around you. Your influence is based on friendship, love, money, fame, status and sometimes fear. Use all your influence power to get what you want. This is a dating sim game 18+ where you start your character from scratch. Choose your appearance and make some choices that will guide your preferences along the way. Every single char have preferences, tastes and etc. You can aways sugest what you want and see what happens. Some are stubborn and others easy to be convinced.​

Developer: Golden Crow
File Size: 135.5 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Development Log v0.1.14:

  • BULGES!!!!!!!!!
  • Edited “Char Creator” to “Family Creator”
  • Family Creator: Added Name / Surname Randomizer
  • Family Creator: Age bar now is draggable
  • Family Creator: Height, Muscle and Fat bars now are draggable
  • Family Creator: Dick Size / Girth, Pussy Depth / Width bars now are draggable
  • Added Mechannics for Language Translation (Not fully implemented)
  • Save / Load your chars
  • Chars Scattered across the background (Not Lined up side by side anymore)
  • Cheats: Get the key to all houses
  • Cheats: Learn where everybody lives
  • Added Shower Rooms in College
  • Limited number of people that will call you in the same day
  • Added NPCs starting interactions with MC (With mod possibilities) and config screen
  • Added event tracker on phone for interactions with events
  • City Config: Save/Load City Configurations
  • City Config: Added a config to choose to give or not relationships between neighbors at the start of the game.
  • Below age 21 chars will have real height smaller than final height to compensate aging
  • Added “Evict visitor from your house” Interaction

Bug Fix:

  • Fixed the text showing on ‘Ask for open relationship’ Interaction
  • Fixed bug generating hair models in city config
  • Auto Save Enabling when restarting the game
  • Fixed the low performance problem when Jobs Tab is on screen
  • Read about Fashion works now
  • Fixed the bug of losing Mary’s house key after some game time.

Hello my friends! I hope everything is fine with you!

With a great pleasure I bring to you our new update! And this one is the last one I’m considering ‘bare bones’ in game. I’ll talk a little bit more about this, but not in this post.

In this update we have 3 new poses and implementation of cum in some older poses. Beside it, now you can buy clothes for yourself and for the others. You just need to be with the person in the clothe store.

Here is the changelog v0.1.13:

  • Buy Clothes
  • Buy Clothes for NPCs
  • Removed Clothes changing in control_status screen (Now change clothes in specific places)
  • Added wardrobe places in rooms
  • Added Clothe Store in Shopping Center
  • Clothes Bonus/Penalty in Interaction with icon showing it
  • Clothes Bonus/Penalty Comment from NPC
  • NPCs React to Clothes (If fashion status is high enough)
  • Scale Comparison in Char Creator (Gray mannequin)
  • Body Size can be changed dragging the bar (Clicking on the bar)
  • Added ‘Delete Contact’ Button on Phone
  • Add ‘Favorites’ on Phone
  • Places for sex will be random for NPCs
  • on/off Energy cost/check during sex
  • on/off Hunger cost/check during sex
  • Added After Orgasm Effect
  • Added visible values in City Configurations for Genders definition
  • Update Background to have day/night transition
  • Added Boobjob pose + Cum Pose
  • Added Doggy Style Pose + Cum Pose
  • Added Mouthfuck pose + Cum
  • Edited Old cum on face in Side face appearance
  • Added Front View Facial Cum
  • Added ‘No Image’ Icon in sex interactions without animations yet
  • Add Pussy/Anal cum in Riding Position
  • Added option to Remove House Key from NPCs
  • Add Click Area to go to secret places (Only PUB for now as a test)
  • Added Hints on Char creator for Personality traits
  • Added Hints on Fetishes bar hovering the name of it
  • Jealousy scenes alter the cheat fetish
  • Added new hair styles and 2 new shirts for Women (Thank you RechtWertig and Gheist)
  • Added ‘Auto Save’ configuration (That was affecting the performance of some devices)

Once more, Thank you all for your amazing support during development, which made this release possible. Your feedback have been really helpful and amazing. I’m raelly proud to share this latest version of the game with you.

Soon I’ll post about the future changes that will make the gameplay of Influencing 200x more interesting.

Developer Notes:


  • Character Customization
  • Dating Sim with 200+ unic generated chars
  • Personality development based on your choices
  • Stats based system (hunger, energy, money, etc…)
  • Abilities development system
  • House Upgrade system
  • 24 hours day
  • 65+ locations
  • Powered by Renpy Engine

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