Hunter’s Harem [v0.4.5.5d] By Huntermc

Huntermc Games released a new game called Hunter’s Harem and the version is The game’s story is about Hunter one day receiving a package from his dead uncle. In there he finds a mysterious book of magic spells, the first of which allows him to magically hypnotize and enslave the people around him. In further studies of the book, he will discover a way to change the people around him even more, including their gender. He will encounter mysterious figures and learn dangerous secrets about a mad medieval wizard, his dead uncle, and his presumably dead father.​

Developer: Huntermc
File Size: 245.6 MB
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • * Fixed a bug in Lucys enchanting
  • * Fixed two phonecalls for Kathrin
  • * Increased the font size for the handwritten content to increase readability
  • * Adjusted Lucys talk options to include appropriate answers before asking for a job
  • * Fixed the time overflow when translating chapters about the author
  • * Added a line of code that should display the reduced amount of mana after calming an npc down with magic before closing the dialog window
  • * Jasmins reaction to asking her to flash you now forces you to close the talk menu, thus circumventing the option to continue talking to her.
  • * Brians first enchantment should now correctly reduce mana
  • * Claudia should now not be able to tell you stories in the diner before having enchanted her to do so.
  • * Printing the porn image of Claudia now directly disables the research button.
  • * I have no clue why the streaming shop isn’t working correctly when buying multiple upgrades, so I changed it to auto-close after a purchase. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • * Added links to Tanjas livingroom to lead Tanja/Kim to their respective rooms.
  • * Added checks for Kims enchantment stages to access the threesome with Tanja.
  • * Fixed a bug that prevented you from talking about magic with Brenda after questioning Victoria
  • * Changed all npcs talk menus to work with subgroupings of options into “questions” and “things to do” and a few npc’s have more categories.
  • * Fixed a bug in Tanjas cheats that fucked up the “voyeur” stage.
  • * Added the option to make both women have an orgasm via magic to the threesomes
  • * Reduced the frequency of getting calls
  • * Added the option to search empty rooms (rooms of npcs who are not there atm) once per day for a small chance to find either a bit of money or a random item.

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