Heroine Rumble 2 [v0.25] By Enlit3d

Enlit3d Games released a new game called Heroine Rumble 2 and the version is 0.25. The game’s story is about Immerse yourself in the heart-pounding world of Heroine Rumble 2, an exhilarating versus battle game that will awaken your primal instincts. Prepare to engage in thrilling combat as you customize your character with a vast selection of outfits, and delve into over 70 unique grab positions. Conquer your foes through sheer force or employ cunning strategies like bondage and restraints to weaken and dominate them.

Utilize the dynamic environment to your advantage, setting traps and ensnaring opponents with devious devices. Share your creative prowess with import and export character cards, showcasing your unique creations. Embark on epic battles, ranging from intense 1v1 encounters to exhilarating multiplayer showdowns against AI opponents of varying levels. Unleash your competitive spirit by challenging your significant other in local multiplayer, or explore endless possibilities through modding support.​

Developer: Enlit3d
File Size: 390.4 MB
Version: 0.25
OS: Windows
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Added new outfit: skintight_suit with 2 variants
  • Added “Character Bio” tick option for character card import/export (only stores name atm)
  • Added new mechanic: press E to initiate a grab on KO ed foes or foes placed on a device, even if no grabs is selected as an ability
  • New randomized characters are no longer forced to have the default grab on the bottom ability slot
  • Added 7 new voice packs: 5 new female voice packs, 2 new male voice packs
  • Increased the sound volume of default/f_voice1 and readjust voice volume in general
  • Voice pack id selection in voice/dialogues is now sorted alphabetically
  • New randomized characters can now spawn with a randomized voice pack
  • Added an interact prompt when carrying an character and next to a placeable device (just UI, no mechanics change)
  • The signature grab ability icon is now hidden until super meter is fully charged
  • Added a blinking effect to the singature grab ability icon when it is ready
  • Added new tab in loadout – overview to see selected level ups in the past
  • Starting grabs will now push characters away from the edge/boundary a bit to help with camera issues + bodies staggering together issues
  • Fixed signature grabs was always selected from first grab loadout even when there are more appropriate loadout to selected
  • Fixed Parrying Expert not applying bonuses
  • Fixed Evasion Expert is always applying
  • Fixed issues with PP clip-plane not resetting properly on grab change
  • Fixed the selected outfit indicator (yellow rect) not updating properly on outfit switch
  • Fixed unit portrait not being updated after importing a character card in loadout
  • Fixed inserting attachment to an slot with existing outfit not removing the existing outfit
  • Fixed outfits with different outfitLayers having incorrect interaction with things that refills outfit value (such as from strap on)
  • Improved level 4 AI to sometimes move away from target instead of always forward
  • Improved AI logic to made it trying to parry moves that aren’t parryable and etc
  • Improved AI downed state and blocking state behavior
  • Increased the power of PUNISH grabs by ~20%
  • Slowed down super meter gain rate
  • The ability Powerfist is now unparryable
  • Offensive stats and defensive stats increase per level reduced to 4% (from 5%) per level to give more weights to stats
  • Tweaked the base stat effects:
    • STR: increases physical attack by 5% and stamina by 5%. Important for those that wants to trade hits.
    • DEX: increases lust attack by 5%, action speed by 2% and cooldown recovery by 5%. Important for those that wants to act quickly and often.
    • INT: increases physical + special attack by 5% and max mana by 5%. Important for those that wants to use abilities often.
    • WIL: increases max HP by 5%, max lust by 5% and climax by 5%. Important stat to increase survivability.
    • CHA: increases lust attack by 5%, max lust by 5% and super meter gain bonus by 5% per point. Important for those that wants to empower their pleasure grab attacks.
  • Tweaked the level 5 “Focus” levelups:
    • Melee Focus: +3 STR, +3 DEX, -3 CHA
    • Eloquence Focus: +3 DEX, +3 CHA, -3 STR
    • Survival Focus: +3 DEX, +3 WIL, -3 CHA
    • Flurry Focus: +3 DEX, +3 INT, -3 STR
    • Slugger Focus: +3 STR, +3 WIL, -3 DEX
    • Grappling Focus: +3 STR, + 3 CHA, -3INT
    • The rare level ups picked at 4 level intervals (like blocking expert) now gives 1 associated stat
  • Change the command to enable cheats
  • Added new cheats:
    • firstPersonModeOnlyInGrabs – requires firstPersonMode on, if this is on as well, only tries to use FPV when grabbing/grabbed
    • grabMadnessMode – high chance to either switch to a random grab or the grab target will do an reversal at end of each grab
    • freeForAllMode – all other characters treated as enemies
    • strikeDamageMultiplier
  • Modding:
    • Added held item itemGrab.insertAttachOptions.ignoreOutfitState flag. If true, sets the restraint usable on target that is still dressed

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