Helluva Hound [v0.5] By Beachside Bunnies

Helluva Hound [v0.5] By Beachside Bunnies

Beachside Bunnies Games released a new game called Helluva Hound and the version is 0.5. The game’s story is about Loona is exceptionally dominant toward you. She wants her ass worshiped, and it’s up to you to make that happen. I did initially have some dialog about a contract or an obligation to give her an@l but ultimately decided against it to leave the situation open for user interpretation on why it’s happening ;).​

Developer: Beachside Bunnies
File Size: 157.2 MB
Version: 0.5
OS: Windows, Mac, Android
Languages: English
game details

Game Version Changelog:

What’s new:

  • A new feature – ‘Limit Break’ – Lick the hellhound during vaginal over 10 times before she reaches her limit to break the pleasure bar, activating deeper moans, a louder orgasm, and extra hidden dialog in each of the 3 encounters. Licking during anal is now available but there is no limit break.
  • 24 new spoken lines to find over 3 vaginal dialog encounters, each with differences when Hard Dom / Soft dom is toggled.
  • Xray has been fixed to keep the cum visible, and more cum times before cleaning = more cum visible
  • New silly easter egg code – ‘pepsiman’ – you’ll see what it does if you activate it …


  • Head patting is now added, with reaction dialog
  • Boob Rubbing is now added
  • Butt licking now has all the reaction dialog
  • Butt slapping has a reaction
  • Futa (Both pale and furry options) are now available. The game is moved upward when this setting is on, so you’re able to see a bit more of it.
  • Some new accessories: Panty to the side options, Christmas set, New earrings
  • Fixed the missing shading on Loona’s mouth when talking
  • Some other minor fixes, purchased a license for Adobe Air Harman using Patreon funds (Thank you!), so the splash doesn’t appear on new game versions, etc.
  • Fixed boob massage and headpatting count in menu

Reasons for 1.0 in win/mac and 1.5 in android: Updated android versions (0.15) so that some phones that had issue with sound and subtitles should now be fixed. Pixel 7 users, disabling haptic feedback on your phone will also disable vibration in my game – please enable it to get vibration.

Developer Notes:

The game is crashing on me:
Please turn on ‘reduce detail mode’ in the main menu before starting the game. The game uses warped assets for Loona’s tail, and this will overload some low powered phones. Reduce detail mode will disable the movement in her tail and the bitmap background.

What’s next?
The game is not complete. I have the following updates that are going to be made early December:

  • Boob interactions, butt-licking reaction dialogs, head patting
  • Blitzo easter egg dialog and cameo

If the reaction to the game is good, I will plan to add a spitroast option and vaginal mode to the game (perhaps with the dialog where the guy takes the dom role for vaginal?)

Feedback is very welcome. Also, If you spot a bug, please let me know and I can fix it asap!

I really hope you enjoy.

PS: If you have time, please complete my small form so I can better understand you and what you want next!

Current Feature:

  • 3 Interactions with multiple variations: Hard DomSoft DomDisinterested Toggle, and Limited Dialog mode.
  • Kissing, Ass-licking, and Spanking
  • Over 50 accessory options including bras, boobs, eyes, glasses, and more.
  • 4 possible ending dialogs
  • Pale, Furry and Imp guy body modes + transparent mode
  • [Codes: ‘speedup‘, ‘unlockall‘, ‘phoneaddicted

Planned features:

  • Boob interactions, butt-licking reaction dialogs, head patting
  • Blitzo easter egg dialog and cameo

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