Granny Sex Love [Demo] By pphilosophy

pphilosophy Games released a new game called Granny Sex Love and the version is Demo. The game’s story is about Young female protagonist, ancient pussies, millions of dollars. What could possibly go wrong? Immerse in this interactive book/visual novel to dive deep in a secret society of Strict Rules and Forbidden Pleasures. Shape your destiny between love, maniacal devotion, betrayal and lust.​

Developer: pphilosophy
File Size: 106 MB
Version: Demo
OS: Windows, Linux
Languages: English
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Game Version Changelog:

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

This game has no analogue on Itch or elsewhere when it comes to exploring one’s sexuality within the presence of senior women. While numerous titles deal with the college fantasy, the needs of people with different tastes have remained unmet. Until now . . .

This game is, by far, not for everyone. But those who are into “that kind of thing,” will be pleasantly surprised. If you are easily grossed out by a naked old body, maybe you should pass, unless you see that as a weakness and want to conquer it.

What is this game? This game is best described as an interactive book or an interactive magazine. An upgrade to a standard book or magazine in which the player’s choices determine path, inner struggle, and outcome. This visual novel is text-heavy. There are no animations in this title as it appears not possible, at this time, to do so without sacrificing quality and spoiling the fantasy. Rather, each scene consists of a carefully chosen image and detailed expose of what happens, depending on the player’s choices. Time is dedicated to both the physical as well as the emotional experiences of the protagonist.

Realistic immersion. Steam told us that we were using “real people.” We are not. All images are carefully prepared using both AI and manual image editing to arrive at our results. “Prompt and go” cannot yield, at least at present, the kind of work we offer.

Complex characters. There are no “cartoon villains” in this game. Characters have their own desires and dreams, strengths and oftentimes big weaknesses. The player is advised to not “judge the book by it’s cover.” Characters sometimes have a lot to say when they want to tell you a strong personal belief or a story that has lead to that belief. If is up to the player to decide what to do with this information.

Plot twists. The story and characters are as realistic as possible. Just like athletes and good musicians, whose skills may not be found in abundance among everyday citizens, while they remain real people nonetheless, so are the characters in this game. At times the story may turn into an unexpected direction, but the main character will be likely to understand why things turn in a certain way. “Oh, I didn’t think about this!” is what may happen. There are no “Deus Ex Machina” moments planned.

Multiple endings. What is a visual novel without multiple endings? Granny Sex Love has several “final” endings. In addition, after the mid-point, the player may embark on one out of four separate routes that culminate in their own “mid-endings,” which to an extent also affect the final outcome. Choices matter. You are a young woman, throwing herself in a sea of lesbian sex and love. Still, you may end up married to a man, if you manage to discover that route.

Sex comes first. Love second. Many visual novels are based on the premise that the protagonist has to grind to unlock a love interest, usually culminating in having sex. Here, sex often comes first, sometimes “right in your face,” while you have to work for and earn your relationships, if that is your intent.

Love. This is advertised as a “porn game.” And it is. However, love always wins. If you choose so. Internal character growth. There is subtle but ever present character evolution. Your repeated actions will have an effect on your ability to make future choices.

Free will and expression. The game deals often with the concept of free will and how one’s choices affect future outcomes. Like in a “standard role-playing game,” a moment may come in which you may not be able to make certain choices, despite present desire to do so, because of the actions you took prior, leaving you with only one way to go.

No grind and no filler content. Granny Sex Love has no grind for resources and no filler content as in “empty conversations.” Almost everything that the characters say is said for a reason. On a rare occasions they may be a screen or a couple of lines, when necessary, to provide the player with a mental pause between events.

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