Grandma’s House [v0.04]

Grandma’s House [v0.02]

MC comes home from college and has lots of sex. Your standard cookie-cutter incest game with all the staples you’ve come to expect like shower peeping, sleep groping and the classic “walking in on MC’s morning wood” scene. Except this time there’s a twist, you’ll be seducing your Grandmother instead of your Mom.

Developer: MoonBox
Censored: No
Version: 0.04
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Genre: Vaginal, Oral, Urination, Male protagonist, Big ass, Groping, Rimming, Spanking, Anal, BBW, Squirting, Teasing, Stripping, Masturbation, Cheating, Big tits, Handjob, Maledom, MILF, Interracial, Romance, Creampie, Amazon, Netori, Femdom

Extract and run

New tags: Harem, GILF

-Days 15 to 18
2600 lines and 700 renders

-Fixed the Walking Liz home scene from v0.03

-Fixed typos

Grandma's House V0.01 Walkthrough

1. "Woah, where did she come from? She's..."
1. ...Pretty damn sexy. (If you want to start her route)

2. "Yeah, my boyfriend... ex-boyfriend was supposed to come with but turns out he was fucking my best friend... ex-best friend."
2. I'd say it's his loss. (The other option will lead to a BJ scene instead of sex)

3. "Hmmm... conversation is dying down."
3. Compliment her tattoos

4. "Good god! She's got enough ass to feed a family of five!"
4. Come

5. "Sounds like she's still peeing"
5. Your choice ("Go in" leads to urination scene then cunnilingus)

6. "Can't say I've done this before. Can you pass me some toilet paper?"
6. Your choice ("Clean her" leads to cunnilingus)

7. "That ass looks good enough to eat... Should I?"
7. Your choice ("Taste her starfish" leads to rimming)

8. "That ass is just begging to be spanked."
8. Your choice ("Spank" lead to spanking...)

9. "Where should I finish?"
9. Your choice

10. "Listen, I won't be back in this city for a while, if ever, but if I come back, I'd like to see you again."
10. Give her your number ("Fake number" ends her route)

11. "Let's leave that talk for later, alright?"
11. Let it go

12. "I just cannot get over how much you've changed. You seem like a completely different person."
12. Take her hand

13. "If I want to ask her out, I should ask her for her number."
13. Get her number (If you want to start Aaliyah route)

14. "There's about a glass' worth of wine left in the second bottle."
14. Offer it to Nana

15. "Hmmm... There's a few interesting movies, what should I choose?"
15. Classic

16. "Sleeping here can't be good for her back."
16. Carry her upstairs

17. "They're about the same size but really do look like implants... I suppose one squeeze couldn't hurt."
17. Your choice

18. "G-Good morning Sir! How can I help you t-today?"
18. She's cute

19. "Would you mind if I took it off? I'd hate to get any message oil on it."
19. Go ahead (If you want to start Aiko route)

20. "A while later, you feel about ready to cum."
20. Don't warn her

21. "She gives you a kiss on the neck."
21. Hold her

22. "Shit, I thought he was going to hit her, this guy seems like an asshole. Who says that to their wife?"
22. Beautiful (If you want to start Natalia route)

23. "She's still got it, I've always been attracted to her. Kind of weird since she's always been like a mother to me but it is what it is."
23. Compliment her (If you want to start Jamila route)

24. "*Laughs* You have grown quite confident, you used to have trouble looking me in the eyes."
24. Tell her you used to have a crush on her

25. "*Laughs* Maybe she should start calling you Daddy."
25. Your choice ("I wouldn't mind" leads to Cat calling you daddy sometimes.)

26. "Who would want a middle aged woman with a child and no time to do so much as put some makeup on?"
26. I would

27. "(Well that's all I need to hear.)"
27. Teach her a lesson (If you want to start Karen route)

28. "But you are so you'll be getting..."
28. Your choice ("Left here" ends her route)

29. "Choke her?"
29. Your choice ("Choke her" leads to choking and squirting)

30. "You keep plowing the woman until you are ready to cum."
30. Your choice

31. "That isn't the cashiers fault now is it? But I kind of see where you're coming from."
31. Your choice ("Send her husband a picture" leads to deepthroat then facial)

32. "Well... [nname] taught me to never look a gift horse in the mouth."
32. I should shop here more often (If you want to start Betty route)

33. "I've been looking to buy an outfit, I can use a man's opinion. Mind telling me what you think?"
33. Sure

34. "Why do I suddenly have the urge to peek into the changing room..."
34. Peek

35. "Oh... okay. Thank you Mister..."
35. Your choice

36. "Sorry to bother you, I was just excited to see Katie."
36. She's cute (If you want to start Sophia route)

37. "Where do you want to finish?"
37. Your choice

38. "I do miss Tanya though, maybe I should give her a call one of these days."
38. Call her sometime (If you want to start Tanya route)

39. "You showed me yours, I'll show you mine :P"
39. Your choice ("Open picture" gets you a nude from Aaliyah)

40. "*Laughs* On the way."
40. Mmmm... Ginger (If you want to start Fiona route)

41. "Not exactly an arousing environment..."
41. Think about Priya (If you want to start Priya route)

42. "Bored. You?"
42. Ask her out

43. "Elaine! That's what her name was. That's been bugging me."
43. Pretty damn sexy too (If you want to start Elaine route)

44. "I'm about ninety-five percent sure I'm not your mom."
44. Your choice

45. "A few minutes later, the brutal scene is over."
45. Put your hand on her thigh

46. "You pull your fingers from her and..."
46. Your choice

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